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HPL High-Performance Linear Motor Stages

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Design Travel Features 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm positioning accuracy up to (after linear error Correction) : 1 m (Travel ¡Ü200 mm) stable and excellent shafting to provide smooth movement, the Algorithm is optimized to produce a small dynamic tracking error, a linear, well-behaved raster feedback system, and a point-to-point position accuracy Modular design, flexible single-axis / multi-axis solution with integral seal structure, lightweight, high rigid structure design, low cost, high performance HPL-170LM LINEAR motor platform driven by coreless linear motor, platform stroke from 100 to 600mm. The HPL-170LM LINEAR motor platform is widely used in industrial applications that require cost-effective and sophisticated solutions due to its excellent design and rigorous shafting assembly process, but low cost, such as semiconductor wafer testing, micro-electronic components testing, take and put, DNA sequencing, laser processing and other fields. HPLFEATURES-170LM linear motor platform using 7075 # aviation aluminum through integrated processing, while reducing the bending effect caused by the Guide and aluminum body of different Coefficient of thermal expansion. The guide rails are symmetrically distributed on both sides of the base to reduce the effect of thermal expansion of two different metals, while the high rigid base reduces the deflection and rolling under load to a minimum. The guide rail ball is rolled along four rows of rolling surface which is made by precision grinding and used with ball holder to realize the straight line motion of equal load, low center of gravity, high rigidity, high precision and smooth stability in four directions, excellent load capacity, long life, low noise. The Linear Motor Drive HPL-170LM Linear Motor platform uses a high-efficiency coreless Linear Motor as the Drive component. The direct drive platform has higher speed, higher acceleration and stable precision performance. The adoption of zero-gap transmission can reduce the wear of the relevant structural parts and reduce the number of structural parts at the same time. As a result, the HPL-170LM LINEAR motor platform is more compact and efficient than the screw drive. High Performance HPL-170LM LINEAR motor platform integrates an open incremental raster system with better linear Performance, which can provide better resolution, repeatability and stability. Stable optical zero, guarantee the repeatability and reliability of two-way return to zero. Good positioning accuracy can be easily obtained by calibration and compensation of laser interferometer.