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Company Introduction

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         Kunshan Tongmao Electronics CO.,Ltd.  is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to providing high performance linear motion and rotary motion solutions. The primary products are Linear Motors and Voice Coil Actuators.The Linear Motors  are able to provide peak forces up to 2600 Newtons for Cog-Free in Linear Motion Applic-ations. Can provide Linear Voice Coil Actuators up to 5000 Newtons of force and 300 mm of stroke.  Rotary Voice Coil Actuators are produced up to 50 Newton- meters of torque and 120 degrees of stroke. 
        We are able to provide both a standard distribution product and also medium and high volume custom OEM solut-ions. With many years of experience, our international engineering and manufacturing staff will provide you with the latest technology and highest performance in the industry. We can provide a cost effective solution to your large OEM production requirements. All of this, when combined with our stringent Quality Control department and procedures, you can be assured of the highest performance ¨C most cost effective ¨C short lead time and the highest quality products in the industry.

Voice Coil Actuators and Linear Motors are utilized in a wide variety of products. Markets serviced by Tongmao Electronics  include:


Semiconductor industry
Wire Bonders Linear Motors
Die Cutters Linear Motors
Transport Systems Linear Motors
Robotics Linear Motors
Valve Operators
Metering Valves  Linear Motors
Gas Valves 
Linear Motors
Chemical injection systems  Linear Motors
Micro Machine Tool Industry
Feeding systems 
Linear Motors
Micro Drilling
Linear Motors
Precision Stamping and Punching
Vibration Systems Linear Motors
Shaker Tables Linear Motors
Medical Linear Motors
Micro Pumping and Injection Linear Motors
Linear Motors
Valve Operators
Anti-Vibration Systems Linear Motors
Active Vibration Isolation Equipment
Aerospace Linear Motors
Flight Control Surfaces Linear Motors
Pilot feedback devices Linear Motors
Commercial Applications Linear Motors
Computer Micro-cooling Pumps
Television Linear Motors
Camera Lens Operators Linear Motors