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Tongmao Linear Motor takes everyone to see the power of the logistics robot Handle

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     Tongmao Linear Motor takes everyone to see the power of the logistics robot Handle. At the end of last month, the company met with new members of its family on its website. The robot is known as Handle, a mobile robot designed for logistics.
     The so-called no-picture competition, Boston Power directly out of the video, video, the two Handle robots rely on wheels to accurately locate, flexible walk, and rely on the front suction cup to suck the goods, skilled shipping work. From the video, Tongmao Linear Motor small editor found that Handle not only can accurately locate the cargo location, but also can adjust the leg height according to the height of the cargo.
     According to the knowledge of Tongmao Linear Motor, Handle uses an in-vehicle vision system to track marked trays for navigation, find and grab and place individual boxes. When it was first launched in 2017, Handle had two grab arms. But in the new video, the upgraded Handle has only one arm, but with the addition of suction clips, it can still easily lift and move the box.
     The small editor of the Tongmao linear motor learned that the box used in the video weighs about 5 kilograms(12 pounds), but the robot's design can handle boxes weighing 15 kilograms(33 pounds). This version of Handle is suitable for trays 1.2 meters deep and 1.7 meters high(48 inches deep and 68 inches high).
     In recent years, Boston Power has produced its own new robot video from time to time, including Atlas, a humanoid robot that can jump and flip, including SpotMini, a robot that can dance around the hip. Utility robots have been a stepping stone for the company for years, but since being acquired by SoftBank in mid-2017, Boston Power has become more application-oriented.
Many of Boston's family members are equipped with robotic arms and camera equipment, and both are typical applications of linear Motors. Leave this aside. With the rapid development of linear Motors, it is widely used in logistics robots..
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