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Tongmao linear motor belt everyone understand express logistics index

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     Tongmao linear motor belt everyone understand express logistics index. On April 8(after a short vacation), the China Logistics and Procurement Federation released data on China Express Logistics in March. The China Express Logistics Index in March was 101.5 %, 4.9 percentage points higher than in February. The Business Express Index and the Rural Express Index rose 3.4 and 8.7 percentage points respectively.
     For the above situation, the small editor of the same linear motor feels unexpected and reasonable. During the lunar New Year in our country in February, most businesses stopped working during the holiday, people were busy visiting relatives and friends, and the frequency of sending express delivery naturally decreased. In addition, some resident businesses on the e-commerce platform only received orders during the spring festival, and in March after February, All businesses on the e-commerce platform resumed normal operations and launched preferential activities for festivals such as the March 8th Women's Day. Enterprises also resumed normal operations. The increase in the number of express delivery logistics is an inevitable trend.
     Compared with the small editor of the Mao Linear Motor, the industrial economy has increased its activity in March and February, and the service industry is better than the manufacturing industry. In March, the business express index was 100.8 per cent, up 3.4 percentage points from last month. In terms of the two broad categories, the service business express index was 101.1 %, up 3.6 percentage points from last month, and the manufacturing business express index was 98.1 %, up 2.7 percentage points from last month.
     Tongmao linear motor small editor also found that the manufacturing business activity rebound momentum is good. In March, a total of 10 of the 21 major manufacturing categories had a business express index above 100.1 %. In the equipment manufacturing industry, communications and electronics manufacturing, transportation manufacturing, and special equipment manufacturing recovered to a high of 105 %, and the automotive manufacturing industry index rose by 10 percentage points from the previous month, but it was still below 99.9 %. In the heavy chemical industry, manufacturing indices such as non-metal mineral products, ferrous metal smelting, metal products, and non-ferrous metal processing have all recovered to more than 100.1 %.
     When it comes to express logistics in China, a distinctive feature of the development of the modern logistics industry is the application of high-tech technology represented by modern advanced driving technology, automation technology, and information technology. Among them, the logistics transmission equipment driven by linear Motors represents an application and a trend of modern advanced logistics transmission technology.
     Kunshan Tongmao has been continuously improving the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing processes for more than a decade. Its products such as Tongmao linear Motors, linear modules, linear slides, coil Motors, and coil modules have been widely trusted by customers at home and abroad. Tongmao breakthrough innovation benefits from its application experience in various industries.
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