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Concurrent driving is the hard principle of linear motor and CNC machine tool development

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     Concurrent driving is the hard principle of linear motor and CNC machine tool development. Although linear motors have only emerged in the industrial field in recent years, in fact, it has a history of more than 100 years. As early as 1840, Wheatsone proposed and produced a slightly embryonic linear motor. Since then, Linear motor "ancestor" was born.
     According to the knowledge of the small editor, the linear motor is mainly used in three major aspects: On the one hand, it is applied to automatic control systems(accounting for a large proportion of applications); The second aspect is as a long-term continuous operation of the driving motor; The three aspects are applied to devices that require a short time and a short distance to provide huge linear motion energy.
     Driven by German industry 4.0 and Chinese manufacturing 2025, the world's manufacturing industry has developed in the direction of automation, intelligence, and intelligence. In the process, linear motors have been "reused". The machine tool industry is a very typical example of the practical application of linear Motors.
     The point of pain in the traditional machine tool field is that the transmission chain from the motor as a power source to the working parts must pass through the middle transmission links such as Gears, worm gear pairs, belts, silk bar pairs, connectors, and clutches. In these links, there are large problems such as deformation, reverse gap, motion lag, friction, vibration, noise and wear.
     The development of industry has continuously increased the precision and high-speed processing requirements of CNC machine tools. Under this large environment, the concept of "direct transmission" has emerged, and linear motors have made the concept of "direct transmission" a reality. The application of linear motor and its driving control technology in the machine tool feed drive has made the transmission structure of the machine tool change greatly, and has made a new leap in the performance of the machine tool. For example, Cincinnati Milacron has produced a large HyperMach high-speed processing center for the aviation industry. The linear approach uses a linear motor with an axle stroke of 46m, a desk speed of 100m/min, and an acceleration of 2G. Processing a large thin-walled aircraft part on this machine tool is only 30 min; The same part is processed on a general high-speed milling machine, which takes 3h; Processing on an ordinary CNC milling machine requires 8h, and the advantage is quite obvious.
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