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High precision linear motor platform

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     Linear motor has: compact structure, low power loss, fast speed, high acceleration, high speed and so on. Which can directly drive the load from the way, you can achieve from high to low speed and other different ranges of high-precision position positioning control. In recent years, more and more enterprises have to transition; gradually to the trend of intelligence, in the future development of the road, the era of intelligent technology, will become a new trend, the application of linear motor will be more and more widely. This article mainly introduces the main series of Tongmao linear motor platform.
     This article mainly introduces the series of products with the Tmmotion motor.

     1¡¢HPL/SPL  High precision linear platform
     The Linear voice coil motor platform uses imported non-core linear motor drive, the platform travel from 100 to 600mm. The platform has excellent design, rigorous shafting assembly process, with high performance, but low cost, this line of linear motor platform can be widely applied to the need for cost-effective, precision solutions for industrial applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, Microelectronic components testing, pick and place, DNA sequencing, laser processing and other fields.
This linear motor platform uses a highly efficient coreless linear motor as a drive unit. The direct drive platform has a high speed, high acceleration and stable performance. The linear motor platform is more compact and more efficient with respect to the screw drive. The uniaxial linear motor platform provides the best system solution for applications requiring high throughput, high reliability, precision positioning, and quiet operation.
The linear motor platform integrates an open-type incremental grating system with excellent linear performance to provide sub-nanometer resolution, repeatability and stability. Stable optical zero, to ensure the repeatability and reliability of bi-directional zero. The laser interferometer calibration compensation, you can easily get the ideal positioning accuracy. Easily meet your requirements for high precision positioning.
Tongmao biaxial linear motor module

     2¡¢XY HPL/SPL  High precision linear platform
     The XY-axis platform consists of a standard uniaxial precision direct drive platform that can simultaneously synchronize or control two two-pronged linear motors. As a result of the standard platform for the application of superposition, so according to the actual needs of the trip, load, positioning accuracy, bi-directional repeat positioning accuracy to choose, wide range of options, flexible combination, low cost, is a modular straight Drive the product practical platform.
XY-axis high-precision linear motor module using high-end imported dynamic stator, the position feedback using grating encoder, the guide for the precision linear guide, and with a tripod Fujin limit switch and other high-end imported parts. Linear motor module high acceleration, high speed, high precision advantage in the platform to be reflected, while the motor coil and the track for the non-contact operation, no wear, no backlash, so its maintenance requirements are very low. It is widely used in high-precision testing, image detection, laser cutting, engraving, compliance and other equipment.
Tongmao three - axis linear motor module

     3¡¢XYZ HPL/SPL  High precision linear platform
     XYZ axis platform by the standard single-axis precision direct drive platform, which can simultaneously on the two with Mao linear motor synchronous or separate control. With high acceleration, high speed, high stability and high reliability and so on. According to the actual needs of the trip, load, positioning accuracy, bi-directional repeat positioning accuracy to choose, wide range of options, combination of flexible, low cost, is a modular direct drive products practical platform. Widely used in high-speed testing, laser cutting, laser engraving, high-speed accurate pick and place, automated assembly, image detection, dispenser and packaging devices.
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