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Current position£ºHome > News Longgang District, we have a three-dimensional parking garage with linear motors on trial

Longgang District, we have a three-dimensional parking garage with linear motors on trial

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     Longgang District, we have a three-dimensional parking garage with linear motors on trial. Recently, the three-dimensional parking garages built by the Longgang District Housing and Construction Bureau (namely, the three-dimensional parking garages on the West Side of the quality inspection building, the two-dimensional parking garages on the South side and the two-dimensional parking garages of the Quality Inspection Station Inspection Station) have passed the acceptance test and entered into trial operation, i do not know to go to the residents who do not have a "taste" experience of this high-tech. 

     As far as the linear motor Xiao Bian knows, originally the quality inspection station had only 55 scattered flat parking spaces. Now, after the completion of the three-dimensional parking garage, the number of parking spaces has increased to 134, to a large extent, ease the inspection business and unit staff parking difficult problem. Two of the three-dimensional parking garages are equipped with intelligent lifting and moving equipment, which has the characteristics of high reliability, high comfort, high density, high efficiency, no slope of parking and fast speed of parking. The driver only needs to park the vehicle, the system automatically moves the vehicle up and down until the vehicle is parked. The vehicle can be picked up by Swiping the card according to the parking space number. The average access time is 50 seconds. 

     As for the vertical parking garage, the linear motor has already been used in practical cases. The automatic parking garage using the linear motor is to install a series of longitudinal and transverse motors and the linear motor on the floor of the garage, while the loading plate is secondary, through the computer, using the linear motor to move the car in or out of the primary role, efficiency and utilization are very high. 

     Kunshan has rich experience in developing and manufacturing linear motors. Adopting European and American technical standards and techniques, the linear motors have the characteristics of high speed, high frequency response and high precision. 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.