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Linear Motor stir-fry tea machine to help "tea customer" drink good spring tea

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     Linear Motor stir-fry tea machine to help "tea customer" drink good spring tea. There are about half a month time will usher in the annual Qingming Festival, and Qingming time, is a good time for tea, many spring tea will be listed around Qingming. Spring tea is good to drink precious, one of the more "precious as gold" , because the Ming tea green fragrance, shape delicious alcohol, is the heart of the people who taste tea. 

     To tell you the truth, linear motor small series also love tea, especially love Anji White Tea (spring tea) , Anji White Tea (spring tea) soup color green and bright, fresh and lasting aroma, taste mellow Ganshuang, is a "face value and taste" both of the existence. Xiao Bian has a sister is born and bred Anji people, every year, Xiao Bian will look for her to buy a few pounds of white tea feast. 

     Speaking of Spring Tea, by the way, to tell you about the process of tea stir-frying, tea hand-frying process is divided into: picking, spreading, finishing, early drying, cooling, re-drying, ash collection drying seven processes. Each process has special requirements, of which fresh leaves can only be used in the early 20 days of spring tea fresh leaves. Pick a bud with one or two true leaves, without milk leaves, fish leaves. Because the leaf blade is very thin, stem thick, kill green texture to the temperature has strict requirements, otherwise non-scorched leaves or red stem. Do not coke leaves, stems not red, and to maintain leaf integrity, in addition to the requirements of the correct temperature, but also to maintain harsh humidity, the need for a skilled feel and techniques. 

     Of course, with the continuous development of science and technology, roboticists have also begun to be popular in the tea industry. Automatic tea-frying machines have been used in tea-frying, and tea-frying machines have joined forces with linear motors, a linear motor is used as the power source to obtain a speed, then a reasonable speed is obtained through a two-stage reduction device, and the hopper can move back and forth through eccentric wheels and connecting rods. 

    Kunshan is a professional developer and manufacturer of high performance, high quality linear and Rotary Motion Solutions for Linear Motors, Voice Coil Motors and system integration. At present, Tongmao direct drive products are highly praised by customers at home and abroad. 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.