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Current position£ºHome > News The linear motor module DNA sequencing equipment was used to combat the epidemic

The linear motor module DNA sequencing equipment was used to combat the epidemic

time£º2020-3-23  click£º3430

     The linear motor module DNA sequencing equipment was used to combat the epidemic. Since the outbreak of the new type of pneumonia, many high-tech equipment has been used to combat the epidemic, such as drones, logistics robots, face recognition systems, and of course DNA sequencing equipment. 

     According to the linear motor module, DNA sequencing equipment was already playing a vital role in the prevention and control of a number of epidemics, such as the 2016 Brazilian Zika virus epidemic, before the new type of pneumonia, the minions, from Oxford nanopore technology, are a USB-sized portable DNA sequencer that has also been used to track the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

     Wuhan Huada was one of the first institutions to detect cases of pneumonia in the 2019-nCoV (2019-nCoV) , which was detected in December 2019, this discovery provided important evidence for the subsequent assembly of viral genome sequences and the development of rapid detection kits, which were subsequently developed on 26 January 2020, 2019-ncov's high throughput sequencer is one of the products approved for testing. As for the gene sequencing instrument, the linear motor module has been used in the practical cases, mainly using the linear motor module simple structure, smooth operation and other characteristics to drive the gene sequencing instrument related components stable and uniform operation. 

     Kunshan with Mao Electronics Co. , Ltd. independently developed, intelligent linear motor module mainly includes profile linear motor module and high-precision linear motor module two categories, tongmao linear motor module is mainly used in spraying, DNA sequencing, wafer packaging, semiconductor testing, laser and other industries. 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.