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This is a list of statistics related to linear motor elevators

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     This is a list of statistics related to linear motor elevators. In today's society, the elevator has become an indispensable means of transportation, imagine, thirty stories tall building, if there is no elevator, how tragic?

     Just because the society has the big demand to the elevator, this also makes the elevator sales volume has been quite considerable. According to linear motor, the cumulative output of elevators, escalators and lifts reached 1.173 million units in 2019, of which 109,000 units were produced in December. In 2019, the output of lifts, escalators and lifts increased by 12.8% compared with the same period in 2018. Elevator, escalator and lift production in December 2019 was up 1.9 percent from December 2018. 

     Thus, China has become the "home field" of elevator production and consumption, and has become the world factory and manufacturing center in the elevator field. As for the elevator industry, it is closely related to the linear motor, which has been used as the driving device in the elevator. The cordless elevator driven by the linear motor breaks the boundary of the rope elevator, it does not need to consider the strength and reliability coefficient of wire rope, and the advantages of simple structure, small footprint, fast speed, energy-saving, high reliability, earthquake resistance, long travel distance, and so on.

      Kunshan with Mao Electronics Co. , Ltd. with independent development, intelligent manufacturing, sales of Linear Motors, including iron core, non-iron core and two categories. Tongmao with the provision of the U-slot non-core AC brushless linear motor, travel can be extended, can be made into a single-axis platform system, multi-axis system, customers can be installed directly into the equipment. At the same time can also be customized according to customer needs. Its main features are: high response, low noise, thrust characteristics smooth, large acceleration. 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan.