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The medical reform and linear motor enterprises

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     May 11 morning, the State Health Commission held a special press conference in May, introduced 2017 to deepen the focus of medical reform tasks. Put forward to deepen the medical and health system reform, we should focus on promoting and implementing 14 tasks. So what is the impact of this policy on the linear motor?
     The implementation of health care reform policy urgently need to use conventional medical equipment, the latest scientific and technological achievements, the latest engineering technology for product upgrading. The emergence of linear motor drive technology, so that the traditional medical equipment has been greatly improved, which can greatly enhance the efficiency of doctors to see a doctor, save time, greatly improve the efficiency of the people see a doctor.
     So what is a linear motor? A power transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy. It can save a lot of intermediate drive mechanism to speed up the system to reflect the speed and improve system accuracy, so it is widely used. In the medical equipment, electric everywhere, such as heart motor, X-ray machine, CT, dental surgery tools, dialysis machine, ventilator, electric wheelchair, etc., are inseparable from the motor as a driving force, and artificial heart and other artificial organs Often used micro-electric drive.
Linear motor according to the characteristics of medical equipment, different standard travel, different load methods, the use of different requirements, the following specific part of the application examples:
1, electric care bed: the patient according to need, with the hand control to adjust the back and leg angle, back 0--800, legs 0--400. Select the trip for: 150,200MM, load: 4000N, 6000N
2, X-ray bed: the doctor root of the patient's position, adjust the height of the bed. Height 50-80CM. Select the trip: 300MM, load: 8000N.
3, ICU care bed: suitable for ICU care needs, with the hand control to adjust the back, legs and the whole bed of the angle, back 0--800, legs 0--400, height 50-80CM. Select the trip for: 150,200,300MM, load: 4000N, 6000N, 8000N.
4, electric operating table: suitable for operation in the operating room, the bed after the tilt 0-22 ¡ã, the maximum angle of the back plate 0-76 ¡ã, height 70-95CM. Select the trip for: 150,200,300MM, load: 4000N, 6000N, 8000N.
5, electric bath chair: suitable for patients in the bath when the bath to adjust the back angle, back 0--800. Select the trip for: 200MM, load: 4000N.
6, electric traction frame: doctors root patients traction neck, adjust the height of the traction frame. Height 100-130CM. Select the trip for: 300MM, load: 4000N.

     The linear motor itself has a magnetic circuit caused by the edge of the side effect and the installation of large air gap and other issues, so the choice of linear motor when the need to weigh the pros and cons, choose to give full play to the advantages of linear motor applications The It is believed that in the near future, with the rapid development of new materials, new technologies and control theory, it is possible to overcome the shortcomings of linear motors, improve the advantages of linear motors, and apply more widely to all areas of life, Completely replace the traditional rotary motor is the inevitable trend of social development.
     More on the application of linear motors in medical applications, welcome to visit Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. official website, Kunshan Tongmao ten years dedicated linear motor research and production, professional linear motor, voice coil motor suppliers. National hotline 400-007-7724.