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Application of Linear Motor in LED Packaging

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     In recent years, in the global energy-saving emission reduction advocacy and government-related policy support, LED lighting has been rapid development. Compared with the traditional light source has long life, small size, energy saving, high efficiency, fast response, earthquake resistance, no pollution, etc., is considered to be able to enter the field of general lighting, "green lighting", LED large-scale use in general lighting An inevitable trend.
     As the LED industry chain in the LED package, in the entire industry chain plays a key role. LED encapsulation In short, is to give you chips, stents, gold, glue, and other raw materials, and then you use solid crystal machine, wire bonders, glue machine, and oven, splitter and other equipment, these things assembled into Can be lighted diode (also known as lamp beads) of a process. LED package is divided into small power (also called straight), patch, and high-power package, the same principle, but the shape and use is still different. LED packaging, including the dispensing, solid crystal, welding, sealing, spectral and packaging and other links, these links can use linear motor and voice coil motor to improve the degree of automation equipment and efficiency.
     At present, most of the packaging equipment used in the motor - ball screw drive mode, the servo motor rotation is through the screw into the positioning platform of linear motion, the ultimate acceleration can reach 1g.
     Japan has developed a linear electromagnetic motor driven XY positioning platform, can effectively improve the positioning system speed and reliability. Eliminating the rotation of the motor drive in the transmission link, which are not pain to improve the performance of the XY positioning platform. But the existing problem is that, regardless of the type of linear motor drive, the existence of the degree of dynamic pain, lag, limited response, limited acceleration and speed and other issues, and varying degrees of positioning accuracy to further improve. The voice coil motor is another drive element that can be used for direct drive. It is based on the principle of Ampere force. In addition to the fact that there is a gap between the transmission and the like, it has theoretically unlimited resolution and no hysteresis , High response, high acceleration, high speed, small size, good power characteristics, easy control, etc., so that the voice coil motor is more suitable for high acceleration, high frequency excitation, fast and high precision positioning control system, In the high-frequency start and turn the wire bonding device positioning mechanism, is undoubtedly the ideal choice.
Another example is the United States BEITedmologies voice coil motor is also useful in the XY positioning platform for successful examples.
     In recent years, with the development of electronic technology, computer technology, various forms of packaging more and more, LED packaging high-speed, high-precision demand increasingly urgent. In order to further improve the quality and productivity of the equipment, such as the movement accuracy and speed, acceleration and other performance of a higher demand, but also reflects the type of work equipment to high-speed, high-precision direction of the development trend. This requires the LED packaging technology continues to develop and improve. In the new packaging materials and the new package structure perfect combination, comfortable, beautiful and intelligent LED lighting products will continue to emerge.
    The above article from the focus on the linear motor with the Ma Electronics ( original, reproduced, please indicate the source.