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Tmmotion help college entrance examination

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2017 college entrance examination will be held from June 7 to 9, this year's college entrance examination, coincides with China's 40 anniversary of the resumption of college entrance examination node. College entrance examination to recover 40 years, did change the lives of hundreds of millions of people track and situation. Every year millions of rural farm children, because of the university, after graduation to stay in the city work and life, from the fate of their fathers with muddy mud.

2016 college graduates are 765 million people, an increase of 16 million people last year, and graduates and junior high school graduates do not continue to study after the students is about this number. Youth employment groups together about 15 million or so.

However, the scarcity of Chinese mechanics is rare. A member of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions said that senior workers in Japan accounted for 40% of their entire industry workers and 50% in Germany, compared with only about 5% in China. This shows that China's vocational education in the entire national education system in the weight, it is too light. When we say "knowledge change fate", forget the skills can also change the fate. And more importantly, China in the industrial development, technological innovation to catch up with the world's advanced level, do not train millions of senior "artisans" is not enough. Our national education should do something in this respect.

One side is a hard job of college graduates, one side is the business of talented people thirsty, if the perfect balance between the two, it can alleviate the employment of social problems, but also to solve the urgent needs of business workers, no doubt Is the ideal state. But the problem is that it is only the ideal state, the reality of the situation is the university school crowded head, vocational institutions are very few people, so the employment difficult to encounter "recruitment difficult" strange phenomenon, year after year to continue staged, this year is not exception.

In the social level, the country needs to upgrade the industrial structure, the labor force to the workers should be a complete technical training, vocational institutions to set up a closer relationship with the employment of college students, social urgency The required courses, timely and effective training of society needed senior skilled workers. From the personal level, to take the initiative to change the level of thinking, change the past that vocational education is to cultivate low social status, workers as "iron rice bowl" old ideas. In addition, companies also need to help the concept of employment. Do "to complex its heart, to benefit its Zhi", so that people-oriented enterprises, with "right" to keep people. Crack the "recruitment difficult" and "employment difficult" coexistence of contradictions, the Government should contribute, the community should reach out, enterprises to profit, workers to work, so to solve this dilemma is just around the corner.

As a manufacturer specializing in high precision, high speed and high response linear motor, Kunshan Tongmao Linear Motor Company is very focused on the cultivation of technical personnel, with professional R & D team. Tomorrow is the college entrance examination, and Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd., I wish the majority of students can be full of confidence, play your best level, test the best results, gold list title. At the same time hope that after more outstanding graduates to join our company, the company's door will always open to you.