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Hokin breathed through a voice coil motor

time:2020-5-13  click:3319

     Hokin breathed through a voice coil motor. Hokin was a brilliant physicist, after Newton and Einstein, who had been working on cosmology and black holes in spite of his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the singularity theorem of general relativity and the area theorem of black holes are proved, and the evaporation phenomenon of black holes and the Hokin model of the universe are proposed. 

     HOKIN's tragic death on March 14,2018, caused a stir in the world and triggered tributes, because Hokin's contribution to the world is incalculable. Now, more than two years after his death, Hokin has contributed to the outbreak of a new form of coronary pneumonia two years later.

      Hokin's family recently donated Hokin's breathing machine to Papworth hospital in Cambridge, which has been tested and confirmed to be suitable for patients with the new type of pneumonia.

    Speaking of suction machines, although at present many car companies and electronic enterprises transfer to breathing machines, it is a general type of breathing machine and has a limited effect on severe patients with new type of coronary pneumonia, this kind of breathing machine has complex technology and many parts, including voice coil motor, solenoid valve, flow sensor, turbine fan and so on. Personally, I think Hokin's breathing should belong to the category of serious respiratory respiratory respiratory respiratory respiratory, its pre life symptoms of als, respiratory failure, need serious respiratory need for life support. 


      Kunshan, who has worked in the field of voice coil motors for more than a decade, also played a pivotal role in the outbreak of the new type of coronary pneumonia, tongmaozao high-performance, high-quality voice coil motor was introduced by Shenzhen mindray medical in its breathing machine products. 

     The article was originally written by of Tongmao Electronics Co. , Ltd. in Kunshan, China.