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UAV and Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Linear Motors

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Speaking of unmanned aerial vehicles, we often think of military use, the US aircraft carrier and nuclear submarine have been successfully launched under the UAV. EU member states and Israel developed UAV.
     Gradually, the application of UAV more and more occasions, can help farmers to carry out crop testing, pesticide spraying and auxiliary farming, you can power line inspection, you can express small cargo, the building can be 3D scanning modeling, you can God drive birds, can be seized into the sea to track the submarine submarine, and even can assist in emergency rescue.
     We believe that future airspace will be dominated by unmanned aerial vehicles.
     The following describes the rare earth permanent magnet on the application of UAV:
     Rare earth permanent magnet motor in the aircraft on the main application of objects for a variety of electric power system. The electric power actuation system is the driving system of the actuator as the actuator, which is widely used in the flight control system of the aircraft, the environmental control system, the braking system, the fuel and the starting system. With the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, power electronics, microelectronics, microcomputer, new control theory and motor theory, rare earth permanent magnet motor technology is developing very rapidly, in the aviation field shows a wide range of application prospects and strong vitality. Rare earth permanent magnet motor in the aviation application has the following characteristics:
1, due to rare earth permanent magnet material high energy product, making the motor can significantly reduce the weight and reduce the volume. Aviation motor on its size, weight has a very strict requirements. In modern aerospace vehicles, the weight per 1 kg of equipment requires about 15 to 30 kg of additional weight.
2, rare earth permanent magnet material coercivity Hc high, remanence Br large, which can produce a large air gap flux, greatly reducing the diameter of the permanent magnet rotor, thereby reducing the rotor moment of inertia, reduce the time constant, Improve the dynamic characteristics of the motor.
3, the air gap width can choose a larger value, which can reduce the torque fluctuations caused by the cogging effect, but also can inhibit the armature reaction on the torque fluctuations. Armature reaction on the rare earth permanent magnet demagnetization effect is smaller, more suitable for sudden reversal, stall drive and other special performance requirements.
4, the use of brushless DC motor also has the following notable features: long service life. At present the aircraft on a large number of brushless DC motor, life only a few hundred hours. Brushless DC motor without brush and commutator, can greatly improve the life index. suitable for high-speed operation. Brushless DC motor in the bearing allows the conditions, the speed can be multiplied. high reliability. High-altitude change to the cremation to increase the impact of reliability, is not conducive to electromagnetic compatibility; high-altitude brush wear, toner impact insulation performance, reduce motor life. Brushless DC motors do not have these problems. easy to heat. Brushless DC motor main heat source in the stator, the natural heat dissipation is good. At the same time can be easily in the stator shell for oil cooling or water cooling, especially oil or fuel injection cooling can greatly improve the motor power density. redundancy control convenience. Brushless DC motor reliability of the weak links in the controller and motor winding, the redundant control method is flexible. rare earth permanent magnet material intrinsic coercive force, magnetic field orientation is good, so easy to achieve in the air gap in the establishment of a similar rectangular wave magnetic field, to achieve square wave drive to improve the output of the motor.
Because of its high speed, good dynamic characteristics, high efficiency, long life, low noise, wide speed range and easy manufacturing, it is very suitable for the performance, volume, weight requirements of the special aviation field , So that it has a very wide range of applications in the aerospace field, is considered the most promising field of aviation motor.
      The above article from the focus on the linear motor with the Mao Electronics (, would like to know more linear motor knowledge, welcome to visit the query.