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The problem of using ironcore linear motor

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      Flat Ironcore linear motor stator itself has a strong magnetic, so there will be some specific problems in the application, a reasonable solution to these problems will be the key to successful application, the specific application should pay attention to the following aspects:
      1. Assure the assembly size between the mover and the stator. Linear motor mover and stator clearance is an important parameter, its small changes can cause a great change in motor performance, the gap will directly affect the linear motor output, the gap is too small may be due to magnetic adsorption debris on the motor damage The Therefore, the installation must be strictly controlled to ensure the normal use of the motor.
      2. Reduce magnetic attraction. The stator of a linear motor has a strong magnetization capability for a ferromagnetic material. Experiments show that the normal magnetism of the linear motor permanent magnet stator is about 10 times the continuous thrust of the motor, and the magnetic force of the stator is independent of whether the motor mover is energized. Magnetic attraction exists between the stator and the mover and between the stator and the mounting member. Arrangement of a single motor is usually parallel to the part of the way the guide rail, when the magnetic force so that the linear guide bearing greatly increased, resulting in a greater deformation, affecting the CNC machine tool processing accuracy, but also increased between the guide and the slider Of the pressure, and thus increase the friction of the slider movement, may produce thrust fluctuations, affecting the dynamic performance of the machine. Therefore, a reasonable reduction in motor magnetism will be a prominent problem.
      3. Attention to anti-magnetic and anti-interference. As the linear motor magnetic field is open, metal dust, chip powder and other magnetic materials can easily be sucked by the motor magnetic field and impede the normal work, or even damage the motor, so it should be magnetic isolation. Also need to consider the machine coolant, lubricants, cables and other protection, signal line shielding, load interference and system control problems. As the linear motor drive system without intermediate transmission links, the workpiece quality, cutting force changes and other interference directly on the motor, at the same time, the linear side of the motor side effect also increased the difficulty of system control, so the controller has a strong anti- And good stability.
      4. To solve the heat problem. Linear motor in the working state, due to the energy loss of the coil work, will produce a lot of heat, if the drive part of the space is small, will make the motor motor temperature increases dramatically, and the mover is generally near the machine tool rail, high heat Will cause the machine tool rail temperature changes too much, resulting in thermal deformation of the guide rail, thus affecting the accuracy of the machine. At the same time, the temperature rise of the mover will cause the internal coil winding resistance increases, such as the system needs to keep the output constant, will need a larger current, while the current increases accompanied by more energy loss, so that the temperature More rise, thus forming a vicious circle. Therefore, it is necessary to take effective cooling measures, the temperature control in a reasonable range, to ensure the normal use of the motor.
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