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How to assemble TMEP voice coil actuators

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     Linear motor can be divided into two kinds: one is no core linear motor, the other is a core linear motor, a linear motor is also known as Ironcore Linear Motor, the following by the Mao-motor Xiaobian to talk about the application of flat panel motor when the need to pay attention to matters.
     1. Ensure that the gap between the stator and the mover. The gap between the stator and the mover is small, and the use of the surface parallel, when the trip is large, the processing is more difficult to guarantee. So can be installed in the mover and moving parts between the 10-20ram thick electric iron gasket, not only can reduce the electromotive force generated on the connecting parts of the magnetic attraction, and easy to adjust, with grinding method to adjust to ensure that the stator and moving Between the parallel and the gap between.
     2. Overcome the stator magnetism method. Linear motor ideal application for the use of horizontal placement of the bilateral layout structure, the two motor stator layout on both sides of the motion module, composed of inverted "v" font structure. The force in the horizontal direction between the stator and the mover is zero, and the component in the vertical direction can counteract the partial gravity of the moving part and reduce the bearing capacity of the slider and the friction between the slider and the guide rail. Stator, mover connection part can be trapezoidal cross-section design, to ensure that the drive part is easier to install in the bed, columns and other components. However, most of the drive parts can not be made into a bilateral drive type, so the machine structure design, we must consider reducing the magnetic attraction problem. Assembly of the stator, the strong magnetic interference to the assembly and use of inconvenience, can be installed in the stator below the 20mm thick electric iron gasket, grinding method to achieve the required accuracy of the assembly. The study shows that 20mm electric iron can reduce the magnetic force of the stator by 90%, greatly reducing the effect of magnetic attraction, to facilitate the assembly. In the assembly of linear motor, you can use the additional auxiliary rail or sub-installation method of assembly, that is, the first part of the installation of the stator, and then install the mover, with a moiety moved to the top of the installed stator, and then install the remaining stator, Can minimize the impact of the magnetic flux between the stator and the mover on the assembly. In addition, in order to ensure a smooth output of the motor, drive part of the layout should be made into a symmetrical structure.
     3. Insulation and protection. In order to avoid the adverse effect of the strong magnetic effect of the linear motor, it is necessary to take measures to carry out the magnetic isolation treatment. Can be used in the stator surface plus protective cover, or the use of folding seal shield completely linear motor magnetic field can also be installed inside the drive part of the jet device, from the inside out of the air, to dust, chip powder is not inhaled the goal of. In addition, other components required signal cables and power cables, although with a shielding film, still try to stay away from the linear motor magnetic field area, to avoid the magnetic field to the control system to bring interference. In order to ensure the stability of the control system, the use of linear motor drive machine must be fully closed loop control.
     4. Cooling method. Commonly used cooling measures for water cooling, the use of cooling water pump into the linear motor mover, the water flow through the motor coil winding next to the cooling water out of the package, the heat generated by the mover to achieve the cooling cycle. In practical applications, the determination of specific cooling parameters will depend on the motor parameters and their requirements.
     TMEP motors are mainly used in the requirements of high precision under the premise of the need to achieve a large acceleration and speed of the equipment. Mainly used for heavy-duty precision control system: CNC machine tools, such as machining centers, CNC grinding machines, CNC punch presses, lathes, PCB drilling machine, laser cutting machine, CNC EDM machine tools, CNC EDM cutting machine tools. If you have any problems with the application of flat-panel motor, please visit the official website with