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Application of Voice coil Motor in Camera Focusing

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      Voice coil motor (Voice Coil Motor), is a motor. Because the principle and the speaker is similar, so called voice coil motor. Tmmotion voice coil linear motor with high frequency response, high precision features.
      Voice coil motor is mainly used in small travel, high-speed, high-speed movement, suitable for small space. The most common is the auto focus in the camera camera function is completely completed by the entire drive. Mobile phone camera widely used voice coil motor to achieve auto-focus function, through the voice coil motor can adjust the lens position, showing a clear image.With the Maoyin ring motor camera

tmmotion voice coil motors

     The working principle of the voice coil motor is to add the current or charge generation force in the fixed magnetic field, so as to produce the process of motion, that is, the left hand of the junior middle school.
     Left hand rules: left hand flat, so that the magnetic induction line through the palm of the hand, so that the thumb and the other four fingers vertical, and all with the palm in a plane. Put the left hand into the magnetic field, so that the magnetic induction line through the palm of the hand, the palm of the hand facing the N pole (fork into the point out), four fingers pointing to the direction of the current direction, the direction of the thumb is the direction of the conductor force.
     Mobile phone camera voice coil motor need to drive the chip with the completion of the focus, by driving the wafer control the voice coil motor supply current size, to determine the voice coil motor mounted lens movement distance, so as to adjust to the appropriate location to capture clear images.
     Article from Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd., Kunshan Tongmao ten years focused on linear motor, voice coil motor research and production, professional linear drive drive suppliers. Want to know more voice coil motor applications, welcome to visit the official website£º