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Automatic focus for voice coil motor applications

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      In recent years, the rapid development of mobile phone industry, people's mobile phone function requirements are getting higher and higher. In the auto focus of the smart phone camera module, a micro-motor as a driver to provide driving force, this motor is a linear voice coil motor. As people continue to improve the requirements of the camera, the production of voice coil motor manufacturers to further improve the performance. For the mobile phone, flat panel and other electronic products in the voice coil motor as a whole maximum size of 8.5mm, usually referred to as micro-voice coil motor, the main principle is in a permanent magnetic field, by changing the motor coil DC current size, to control The tensile position of the spring piece, thereby driving the up and down movement. Mobile phone camera widely used micro-voice coil motor to achieve auto-focus function, through the voice coil motor can adjust the lens position, showing a clear image.
     Here we come to explain to you the application of the camera in the voice coil motor structure
     Different manufacturers use the voice coil motor structure slightly different, roughly divided into several major parts are as follows:
Shield Case: shell
Frame: bracket
F.Spacer: front gasket for insulation
F. Spring: used to carry the carrier, balance torque
Yoke: used to fix other components, magnetic
Magnet: a magnet that produces a permanent magnetic field
Coil: coil, power generation drive torque
Carrier: Carrier for carrying a lens
B.Spacer: rear gasket for insulation
B. Spring: used to carry the carrier, balance torque
Base: Base for fixing parts.
     Throughout the development of auto focus technology, Close loop and OIS become popular trends. Then this drive manufacturers to bring unprecedented opportunities for development. At the same time, but also to drive manufacturers to bring new challenges. Camera manufacturers to drive the choice of strict, cautious. Mobile phone customers want to choose a good drive to enhance the accuracy of focusing. They want to choose mass production experience, strong technical strength of the manufacturers to enhance the stability of its products.
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