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Application of Linear Motor in Automobile

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    A linear motor is a motor that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion without passing through any intermediate switching mechanism. Urban rail transit system with the Mao motor linear motor drive superiority has been more and more people know that the world has seven cities have built a linear motor vehicle urban rail transit system.

    Linear motor vehicles are the world's most advanced urban rail transit mobile equipment, because of its use of linear motor traction technology named. The principle of the linear motor vehicle is fixed to the stator of the bogie through the AC current, resulting in a moving magnetic field, through the interaction, so that the fixed rotor on the bed to produce a magnetic field, through the magnetic force to achieve the operation of rail vehicles and braking.

    The use of linear motor trains no longer rely on the role of wheel and cable adhesion, do not need the middle of the transmission, but directly by the bogie and the interaction between the lines produced by linear motor vehicles with climbing ability, Low noise, low pollution, low cost, small vehicle footprint and so on.

    Compared with rotating motor vehicles, linear motor vehicles have the following advantages

1. Linear motor traction is a typical non-sticky drive, not limited by the adhesion between the wheel and rail, with good climbing ability, conventional rotary motor slope is generally not more than 30 ~ 40 , while the linear motor climbing up to 60 ~ 80 , and not susceptible to rain and snow weather.

2. Linear motor for the flat design, the wheel only from the support of the body, the wheel diameter is small, the vehicle's profile size can be reduced, the tunnel section is small, can save the project investment.

3. Convenient use of self-guided or forced radial bogies, allowing the vehicle through a small radius of the curve for the track line design provides a larger range of options to avoid the ground building or underground pipeline a large number of demolition and reconstruction costs The

4. Linear motor traction without reduction gears and other devices, rim force and wheel and rail wear and other performance indicators greatly reduced. China's vast territory, hilly ups and downs, the river runs through the country, such as the construction of more than 30 above the urban rail transit lines, is particularly suitable for the choice of linear motor vehicles.

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