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Application of Linear Motor in Paving Machine

timeú║2017/6/19  clickú║7856
      With the development of national science and technology, each industry automation is getting higher and higher, as an important industry of light industry, textile industry has entered the field of automation.
      The traditional cotton tires are made of carding machine out of the cotton wool wrapped around the wood roller, wood roller and cotton roller synchronous rotation, to achieve "Melaleuca cotton" production; but this approach has limitations, can not accurately control the cotton The size and weight of the tire, only by the experience of the operation, the error taught, the size is not control.


     With the application of the laying machine, to fill the shortcomings of these production, can easily adjust the size of cotton tires, including width, length, more precise weight control.
     In recent years, China's nonwovens industry has developed rapidly, but China's nonwovens production of key equipment cross-laying machine level is far below the world's advanced level, has become China's nonwovens industry development bottleneck. However, the use of linear motor in the laying machine, but it can greatly improve the bottleneck. With the use of Mao-line motor in the laying machine has achieved very good results, running speed of 2m / s, greatly improving the efficiency of the laying machine, making the domestic non-woven machinery to achieve even beyond the level of foreign automated production The
     Linear motors are also available in other parts of the textile industry. For more information, please contact the official website