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Application of Linear Motor in Press

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     Linear motor is a kind of transmission device which converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. It has the advantages of simple structure, no contact operation, low noise, high speed and accuracy, easy control, easy maintenance and reliability High merit. At present, the linear motor technology in a variety of linear drive devices and systems have been more and more widely used, especially in the industrial manufacturing technology and equipment industry, the application of linear motor is more extensive and prominent, especially in recent years, linear motor Has the advantages of simple structure, no contact, high speed, easy control and high precision, and more has promoted its application in this field.
      This paper introduces the application of linear motor in punching machine
      At present, domestic and foreign stamping machinery work, to make its punch for reciprocating linear motion. The power of the existing mechanical press (punch) is derived from the rotating motor, which requires a complete set of conversion mechanisms to convert the rotary motion into the required linear reciprocating motion, resulting in a large number of components, complex structure, bulky, large noise, and prone to personal Damage to the accident, this traditional press (punch) the drawbacks have not been able to fundamentally change.
     Linear motor-driven presses and conventional mechanical press compared to the following advantages:
      1. Simple structure: the new punch to save the size of the pulley, the size of gear, flywheel, eccentric wheel, crankshaft, link, slider, etc .;
      2. Small size, light weight;
      3. Noise is minimal, no periodic mechanical noise;
      4. Pulse work, only stamping the workpiece when the power consumption, energy saving effect is obvious;
      5. Stamping tonnage, working frequency, stamping speed adjustable;
      6. Can be vertical, horizontal or a variety of inclined installation to meet the needs of different processing and installation; can be double-headed stamping, improve work efficiency;
      7. With automatic control function, the use of intelligent control system, easy to achieve automated production;
      8. With a variety of security features, including the screen display, voice prompts, etc., automatic detection and protection equipment, to avoid personal injury accidents.
      9. Manufacturing cycle greatly shortened, less processing, a lot of materials, significantly reduce costs.
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