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Application of Linear Motor in Military

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      Electromagnetic catapult is with the development of modern maritime military and the emergence of a carrier-based aircraft carrier ejection took off the equipment, its main body is a high-power linear motor. With the rapid development of permanent magnet linear synchronous motor, it has been widely used in electromagnetic catapult. And our research on the technology of electromagnetic catapult has just started.
     In the electromagnetic catapult can be used to drive linear motor types are: brushed DC motor, induction motor, synchronous motor and reluctance motor, with the rapid development of science and technology, permanent magnet synchronous linear motor has been rapid development. Compared to several other motor, its advantages are: high power density, small size, high efficiency advantages. The use of permanent magnet synchronous linear motor as the electromagnetic catapult drive motor more and more become the object of use.
      Electromagnetic catapult is a DC power supply, but also in the electromagnetic catapult work load impact is very large. Although there are energy storage devices, but because of the catapult in a very short time to take off more aircraft sorting, so the electromagnetic catapult power capacity requirements are relatively large, the general capacity of 5 ~ 8KVA or so (but the output voltage is not high). Such a large power alternator is certainly not a problem, but if it is a DC generator, it must be a brushless steady current DC generator, otherwise the slip ring's strong current will burn the commutator.

      The principle of linear motor is not complicated. It is assumed that a rotary motion induction motor is cut along the radius and flattened, which becomes a linear induction motor. In the linear motor, the equivalent of rotating motor stator, called the primary; equivalent to the rotating motor rotor, called the secondary. The primary pass to communicate, the secondary force in the electromagnetic force along the primary linear motion. At this time the primary to do a long time, extended to the movement to reach the position, and the secondary does not need that long. In fact, the linear motor can do a very long primary, you can also do a very long secondary; both primary fixed, secondary mobile, can also be secondary fixed, primary move.
      Electromagnetic catapult is not only working by a linear motor, it has a total of forced energy storage devices, high-power power control equipment, the central computer control and linear induction motor. The advantages of permanent magnet linear motor as the driving motor of electromagnetic catapult system are especially obvious. The research shows that the permanent magnet linear motor is an important direction for the development of the driving device in the field of electromagnetic catapult.
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