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Application of Linear Motor in Smartphone

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       Smart phone is mainly used to provide feedback to the user, and later with the mobile phone software more and more rich, the user experience the use of more and more high, with the sound to provide feedback has been unable to meet the needs of smart phone users. As a result, part of the smart phone began to use the motor to provide vibration touch, but as the phone is getting thinner, the traditional rotor motor can no longer meet the new requirements, so the linear motor came into being.
      A linear motor is a transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy without the need for any intermediate switching mechanism. It can be seen as a rotating motor by radial cut open, and developed into a plane made.

      In recent years, mobile phone vibration motor industry has a linear motor (pulse motor), the motor through the AC to achieve the motor vibration, to a large extent to solve the permanent magnet DC motor vibration noise, poor start, vibration instability and other quality problems, The motor may be the future development trend of mobile phone vibration motor.
      Wenzhou University, Department of Physics and Electronic Information Engineering Professor Qian Xiangzhong called for example, the traditional rotor motor may be cylindrical, and the linear motor is equivalent to the original cylinder into a flat body. "Equivalent to the phone screen installed behind countless root springs, we press the phone screen, it will be the first time to get feedback.
      According to Apple, the tactile feedback linear motor can be seen as a more intelligent vibration motor, it can be different according to the scene so that users feel different sense of shock, and can be subtle in the touch screen on the different locations issued different Of the slight vibration.
     In fact, the great function of this new type of linear motor is to improve the sense of touch of the human body and to make the whole product thinner and lighter. In addition to its simple structure, it has more accurate positioning, faster response, higher sensitivity and good follow-up.

      In addition, the current in the maglev train and high-level elevators, have used similar linear motor equipment, electronic products are high-end accessories, high technical content.
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