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Linear drive control technology

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      In the traditional transmission chain, as the power source of the motor through the gear, worm gear, belt, screw, coupling, clutch and other intermediate transmission links to the power to work parts. In these areas have a greater moment of inertia, elastic deformation, backlash, motion hysteresis, friction, vibration, noise and wear. Although in these areas through continuous improvement to improve the transmission performance, but the problem is difficult to fundamentally solve, so there is a "direct drive" concept, that is, from the motor to cancel the work between the various parts of the intermediate links. With the development of motor and its drive speed control technology, the appearance of electric spindle, linear motor and torque motor and the maturation of technology make the concept of "direct drive" of spindle, straight line and rotary coordinate motion become reality and become more and more Great superiority.
      Now, CNC machine tools are to high-precision, high-speed, high-compound, high intelligence and environmental protection direction. High precision and high speed machining offer higher requirements for drive and speed regulation: higher dynamic characteristics and speed accuracy, higher feedrate and acceleration, lower vibration noise and less wear. Linear motor and its drive speed control technology in the machine feed drive on the application of the machine tool drive structure has undergone significant changes, and machine performance has a new leap.
      In the field of high-speed and ultra-high-speed machining, linear motors are widely used in high-speed milling machines, crankshaft lathes, super-precision lathes, grinders, laser lathes, etc., is now more popular research is applied to high-speed parallel mechanism, Shaft, three-axis parallel structure of the machine, through a number of sliding plunger to control the expansion and contraction of the tool to achieve high-speed processing of complex surface.
      With the rapid development of high-speed processing technology, the transmission and control system requirements are getting higher and higher, so that the linear motor drive technology research efforts gradually increased. Therefore, to increase the linear drive technology research is both the trend of higher and faster development of technology, but also better meet the needs of the market, bring greater economic benefits, become the inevitable trend of future development.
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