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Linear motor fault handling

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       Linear motor  it has a simple structure, non-contact operation, low noise, high speed and accuracy, easy to control, easy maintenance, high reliability. At present, the linear motor technology has been more and more widely used in a variety of linear drives and systems, especially in industrial manufacturing technology and equipment industry, the application of linear motor is more widespread and prominent, especially in recent years, linear motor Has the advantages of simple structure, non-contact, high speed, easy control and high precision has further promoted its development and application in this field.
      Linear motor drive with no wear, low maintenance, etc., but the use of improper will occur a lot of failures, the following with the Mau Electronics Co., Ltd. teach you how to identify the fault and processing of linear motor.
      Handling defects in the operation of linear motors, conditions can be done before the demolition of a test. To this end, the motor to load the test, a detailed check the motor parts of the temperature, sound, vibration, etc., and test the voltage, current, speed, and then disconnect the load, do a no-load test, Load current and no load loss, make a record. Cut off the power, remove the motor external wiring, make a record. Select the appropriate voltage of the megger to test the motor insulation resistance. In order to compare with the insulation resistance measured at the time of the last maintenance to judge the insulation trend and insulation state of the motor, the insulation resistance value measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, generally converted to 75 ℃. Test absorption ratio K. When the absorption ratio is greater than 1.33, it indicates that the motor insulation has not been damp or the degree of moisture is not serious. In order to compare with the previous data, the same temperature should be measured at any temperature conversion ratio to the same temperature.
      At the same time we should pay attention to the following matters when dealing with linear motor: before the demolition, use the compressed air to blow the surface of the motor dust, and wipe the surface dirt; choose the motor disintegration of the workplace, clean up the scene environment; familiar with the motor structure and Maintenance of technical requirements; ready to disassemble the necessary tools (including special tools) and equipment.
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