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Linear motor fault handling

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       The linear motor has the advantages of simple structure, no contact operation, low noise, high speed and accuracy, easy control, convenient maintenance and high reliability. At present, linear motor technology has been widely used in various linear drive devices and systems. Especially in industrial manufacturing technology and equipment industry, linear motors have been used more widely and prominently, especially in recent years. The advantages of simple structure, no contact, high speed, easy control and high precision of linear motor further promote its development and application in this field.
Linear motor drive has the advantages of no wear, low maintenance, but improper use can also occur a lot of faults, the following with mao-electronics Co., Ltd. to teach you how to identify and deal with linear motor failures.
To deal with defects in the operation of the linear motor, an inspection test can be done before dismantling if necessary. For this purpose, the motor will be put on a load test, and the temperature, sound, vibration, etc. of each part of the motor will be examined in detail, and the voltage, current, and speed will be tested. Then the load will be disconnected and an empty load inspection test will be conducted separately to measure the empty load current and the empty load loss. Keep a record. Cut the power supply, remove the external wiring of the motor, and make a good record. The electrical insulation resistance of the motor is tested by using a megabyte meter with suitable voltage. In order to determine the change trend and insulation status of the motor compared with the insulation resistance measured during the last overhaul, the insulation resistance values measured at different temperatures should be converted to the same temperature, generally to 75 C. Test absorption ratio K. When the absorption ratio is greater than 1.33, it is shown that the electrical insulation is not damped or the dampness is not serious. In order to compare with previous data, the absorption ratio measured at any temperature must also be converted to the same temperature.
At the same time, we should deal with the following things when dealing with linear Motors: Before dismantling, we must use compressed air to clean the surface dust of the motor and wipe the surface dirt clean; Select the work place where the motor disintegrates and clean up the scene environment; Familiar with the characteristics of motor structure and technical requirements for maintenance; Prepare tools(including specialized tools) and equipment for disassembly.
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