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The potential of linear motors in China

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         Linear motors in China potential, assuming linear motion and circular motion in the field of modern manufacturing each half, and the cost of two kinds of movement to achieve close, according to estimates, in 2009 China's total motor sales of more than 100 billion yuan, the line Motor at least tens of billions of dollars a year in market demand.
         Development is imperative
         China to develop advanced manufacturing, linear motor industry as its hidden basic industry, should be taken seriously and accelerate the development of linear motor on the advanced manufacturing significance.
First of all, linear motors have a wide range of manufacturing applications, including: machine tools, measuring, drilling, milling, electronic assembly, grinding, laser cutting, screen printing, semiconductor, adhesive delivery, wafer processing, , Wire bonding, ion implantation, lithography, textile machinery. Through the introduction of linear motor control system, not only can greatly improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of these industries, but also reduce the wear and energy consumption, in the application, but also on these industries to upgrade the industry.
         Second, the application of linear motor, labor-intensive enterprises in China to enhance production efficiency also has a catalytic role. Many labor-intensive industries, such as food, batteries, and toy processing enterprises, usually require a lot of labor. If the production line is upgraded to a linear motor-driven automated production line, the enterprise will overcome the "labor shortage", alleviate the pressure on rising labor costs, Will play a role.
        Then, the development of linear motor industry, can quickly narrow the gap between China and the world's developed countries, the technology gap. Linear motor high-speed, high precision, large thrust and other characteristics, determines its hard work in the field of scientific research needs. People use a linear motor, the maglev train to more than 500 km per hour, in a few seconds to a plane ejection to hundreds of kilometers of speed, micron-level precision processing a variety of parts. Can imagine, if there is no linear motor development, many high-tech research and development, will be difficult.
         Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. is a set of linear motor technology research and development, linear motor, voice coil motor, precision linear platform and marketing as one of the manufacturers. We have many years of R & D and manufacturing experience, the company is committed to providing customers with the appropriate linear and swing motion solutions, significantly improve the customer's machine performance and reduce customer acquisition costs; company produced by the high-quality, high-performance linear motor, Voice coil motor and precision linear platform using advanced technology standards in Europe and America, technology and testing methods, its quality and dynamic performance reached the international advanced level, can completely replace similar foreign products.