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The basic principle of the same sound ring motor can be divided into three categories

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      The basic principle of the voice coil motor can be divided into three categories, namely, the principle of magnetism, the principle of electronics, mechanical system principle.
      First, the magnetic principle:
     The working principle of the voice coil motor is based on the principle of Ampere force, that is, the conduction conductor on the magnetic field, it will produce force F, the magnitude of the force depends on the strength of the magnetic field B, the current five and the direction of the magnetic field and current).
       The force direction is a function of the current direction and the magnetic field vector, and if the magnetic field and the wire length are constant, the generated force is proportional to the input current. In the simplest form of the voice coil motor, The ring motor is a tubular coil wound in a radial electromagnetic field, which is a magnetic field generated by permanent magnets which allow the magnets attached to the coil to have the same polarity. Is arranged on the center line of the coil and is connected to one end of the permanent magnet for forming the magnetic circuit.When the coil is energized, it is subjected to a magnetic field according to the principle of amber force, and a force in the axial direction is generated between the coil and the magnet The polarity of the voltage across the coil is determined.
       The circular tubular linear voice coil motor to start, both ends bent into a circular arc, it becomes a rotating voice coil motor. Rotary voice coil motor power generation and linear voice coil motor is similar to the rotating voice coil motor power is along the arc Circumferentially generated.
       Second, the principle of electronics:
       The voice coil motor is a single-phase bipolar device that applies a voltage to the coil to generate a current in the coil, which in turn produces a force proportional to the current on the coil to cause the coil to move axially in the air gap. (Ie, induced electromotive force) in the coil when the coil is moving in the magnetic field, the power supply of the drive coil motor must be supplied with sufficient current to meet the output Force, and to overcome the coil in the maximum motion speed generated under the induced electromotive force, as well as through the coil leakage pressure drop.
       Third, the mechanical system principle:
      The voice coil motor is often sold as a component consisting of magnets and coils, and the air gap can be increased as needed, except that it is necessary to determine the range of motion allowed by the guidance system while avoiding friction or collision between the coil and the magnet. In most cases, The advantage is that the fixed magnetic system can be relatively large, so you can get a strong magnetic field; the disadvantage is that the voice coil transmission line is in motion, prone to open the problem of the same time due to the movement of the The thermal contact of the moving parts and the environment is so bad that the heat generated by the voice coil causes the temperature of the moving part to rise and the maximum allowable current in the voice coil is small. When the load is particularly sensitive to heat, The load is connected with the magnet, that is, the fixed voice coil structure.The cooling of the structure coil is no longer a big problem, the coil allows the maximum current is large, but in order to reduce the quality of the moving part, the use of smaller magnets, The
       The linear voice coil motor can be driven directly and from the rotation to the linear motion without backflush, and there is no energy loss. The preferred guidance mode is a linear bearing or bushing that is combined with a hardened steel shaft. It is important to keep the low friction of the guiding system in order not to reduce the smooth response characteristics of the motor.
       The typical rotating voice coil motor is used as a guide system for the ball bearing, which is the same as the conventional motor. The rotating voice coil motor provides a very smooth motion and is the preferred device for fast response and limited angle excitation applications. assembly.