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Voice coil motor structure and materials

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       In the conventional structure of the voice coil motor, there is an air gap formed by a cylindrical coil, a cylindrical center rod and a permanent magnet surrounded by a center rod, and a soft shell is placed outside the magnet and the center rod. Along the cylindrical axis of the movement Figure 4 for the traditional structure of the voice coil motor axis mapping.
       According to the coil stroke, the axial length of the coil can exceed the axial length of the magnet, that is, the long voice coil structure, and sometimes according to the stroke, the magnet can be longer than the coil, that is, the structure of the short voice coil. Which is greater than the sum of the working air gap length and the maximum stroke length. The length of the working air gap in the short voice coil structure is greater than the sum of the length of the voice coil and the maximum stroke length. The long voice coil structure makes full use of the magnetic density, Part of the coil in the working air gap, so the use of electric power; short voice coil structure is just the opposite of the two structures compared to the former can allow a smaller magnet system, so the volume of the voice coil motor can be relatively small; But the power consumption is small, can allow a larger voice coil current.Compared with the short coil configuration, long voice coil configuration can provide a better effort than the ratio, and the heat is good, while the short voice coil configuration time The delay is shorter, the quality is small, and the generated armature reaction force is small
         Voice coil motor material selection
         Select the voice coil motor material need to consider the system performance, working environment processing and cost factors such as coil is usually wrapped in copper or aluminum wire wrapped in non-ferromagnetic bobbin, coated with a layer of polymer film to the external insulation. The conductivity is half of the copper wire, but the weight is one-third of the copper wire can be selected according to the specific heat and use.
         Most of the permanent magnets are hard magnets, iron and boron, and the air gap used to hold the coil must be large enough that the magnet must work on a lower load line and that the magnetic material should have a high magnetic resistance And a very good demagnetization curve to improve the efficiency of the magnetic circuit.
SUPT swing type voice coil motor series using rectangular product technology, the rectangular series of products to be bent to form a certain priority angle positioning system. The typical torque reaches 100 degrees and the torque is 50 N · m. Swing series products are typically used in laser technology in the mirror positioner, swing valve brake, swing positioning system and flight controller, etc., involving the semiconductor industry, automation, aircraft industry. Compared with U-type linear motor and flat-panel linear motor, it can provide better high-frequency response characteristics, can do high-speed reciprocating linear motion, especially suitable for short-stroke closed-loop servo control system. Voice coil linear motor control is simple and reliable, no commutation device, long life.
         The voice coil motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and achieves linear and limited swing motion. It utilizes the interaction of the magnetic poles in the magnetic field generated from the eternal magnetic field or the conduction coil conductor to produce a regular motion. Because the voice coil motor is a non-commutation type power unit, its positioning accuracy depends entirely on the feedback and control system, and the voice coil motor itself has nothing to do. With the appropriate positioning feedback and induction device positioning accuracy can easily reach 10nm, the acceleration of up to 300g (the actual acceleration depends on the specific load of the working conditions).
         For the focus of voice coil motor Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd., the main products for the linear motor, voice coil motor and system integration, the company since its inception has been uphold innovation, quality, service concept with technical innovation, equipment updates, excellent Technical personnel, research and development, design products.
         We can provide a U-slot linear motor with a maximum thrust of 2600 Newtons and a continuous thrust of 750 Newton; a linear voice coil motor with a maximum output of 5000 Newton and a stroke of 300 mm; capable of providing maximum torque of 50 Nm, Swing type voice coil motor with an angle of 120 degrees.
        At the same time can provide standard products and OEM products, by virtue of the industrial areas, research and development and manufacturing experience, we will provide you with the most advanced technology and high-performance sports products to meet your low cost of OEM needs. All of these are closely integrated with our quality control and procedures, fully meeting high performance, low cost, short lead times, high quality requirements.