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Linear motors are widely used in medical fields

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¡¡¡¡With the change of medical model, people's health and medical services are increasingly demanding, but also requires the accuracy of medical equipment, the scope of application to meet the requirements of patients and medical workers, and traditional medical equipment, due to transmission restrictions , Its accuracy, scope of application and so difficult to meet the existing medical needs. Therefore, improvements and improvements are required. The emergence and application of linear motor drive system makes the application of traditional medical equipment has been greatly improved.
¡¡¡¡The linear drive system is able to convert the energy in the power source, such as power, hydraulic, qigong, into the mechanical energy of the linear motion and can work with enough force to make the machine work. Currently used for electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic drive system. Which because the electric drive does not require the operation of oil pumps, compressors and gas cylinders and other equipment, will not cause media leakage, the requirements of the environment is relatively low, and has excellent thrust and speed control performance, can be obtained in medical equipment Better application.
¡¡¡¡Linear motor from the rotating motor on the basis of the development, so the basic structure and the principle of action and the rotating motor has a place, is the rotating motor along the radial direction of flattened and run, but the transmission from the rotary motion into Straight motion.
¡¡¡¡Linear drive is the ideal electric medical bed to drive the body, by the program controller, linear drive mechanism, control panel and other structures, to achieve the operator in accordance with individual requirements to adjust the position of the linear drive mechanism, so that the operation is simple, personalized, Humane, so that the scope of application of medical devices larger, adjustable range, can better meet the requirements of the operator. In the modification of medical equipment, according to different types of lifting medical bed requirements, take different standard travel and different load methods, so different combinations of design.
¡¡¡¡The scope of adjustment of the angle range of X-ray fluoroscopy bed, ICU care bed and electric traction frame is increased, and the range of adjustable angle of X-ray machine bed, ICU care bed and electric car chair is increased. Above the medical equipment in the same standard stroke load increases. Therefore, through the use of linear motor drive technology, traditional medical devices can be transformed into high-tech products, and continue to meet the needs of patients with medical workers.
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