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The application of VCM drive on hard disk

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¡¡¡¡At present, with the government to stimulate domestic demand policy and the gradual emergence of the international economic situation improved, linear voice coil motor downstream industry into a new round of economic cycle to bring the linear voice coil motor market demand expansion, linear voice coil motor industry sales Rebounded significantly, supply and demand improved, the industry profitability steadily improved. At the same time, in the national "second Five-Year" plan and industrial structure adjustment under the big policy, linear voice coil motor is facing huge market investment opportunities, more and more companies are now aware of the advantages of linear motor, making the linear motor has been widely This paper introduces the application of hard disk voice coil motor.
¡¡¡¡The hard disk is mainly composed of disk body, control circuit board and interface parts, etc. The disc body is a sealed cavity. The internal structure of the hard disk usually refers to the internal structure of the disk; control circuit board mainly has hard disk BIOS, hard disk cache (ie CACHE) and main control chip and other units, hard disk interface includes power outlet, data interface and master, from jumper.
¡¡¡¡Hard drive is a typical precision motor with the product, there are two linear motor inside, one is the spindle motor, the other is the voice coil motor, where the voice coil motor is mainly responsible for the movement of the head arm. Hard disk in the work by the servo motor to control the action of the voice coil motor, so that the base arm accurate tracing. Hard disk voice coil motor is mainly composed of magnets and coils, the magnet is generally a whole, fixed on the hard disk shell, the coil frame and the head arm is generally one, and some coil without skeleton, directly attached to the head arm, head arm with Bearing, coil position between the magnets, when there is current through the coil, the coil can swing in a certain direction, driving the head arm movements, head arm is also generally equipped with some head signal processing circuit, the entire circuit, through the flexible PCB and Hard drive main circuit board connection.
¡¡¡¡Hard drive within the linear motor, high-speed bearing support under the mechanical wear is very small, you can work for a long time. Hard disk drive head quality is small, inertia is also small, so the hard drive seek faster than the floppy drive and CD-ROM drive.
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