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Linear motor manufacturing problems

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¡¡¡¡Over the past decade, the progress of driving technology and control systems has led to the continuous improvement of the structure of the processing center and the continuous improvement of performance. The application of the spindle, linear motor, torque motor and rapid CNC system plays a decisive role in improving the high speed, high dynamic and high machining precision of the machining center. But at the same time linear motor in the machine tool will also be a series of problems, mainly in the following four questions:
¡¡¡¡First, the magnetic and protective problems. Rotating motor magnetic field is closed, and the linear motor magnetic field is open, and in the vicinity of the machine table, its parts, chips and tools and other magnetic materials can easily be sucked by the magnetic field, and hinder its normal work. To this end, although the use of electromagnetic type than the permanent magnetic better, but its magnetic protection can not be ignored. And also need to consider the machine coolant, lubricants and other protection.
¡¡¡¡Second, the heat problem. As the linear motor directly in the poor cooling conditions inside the machine, the initial winding in the process of electromagnetic energy conversion generated by the heat, easy to make the temperature T increased; and T will rise in turn lead to motor winding resistance The value of R increases, when the drive force to ensure that the same output, it is necessary to increase its current I, in turn, I will increase the T increased, resulting in a vicious cycle of the positive feedback process. And because of the linear motor winding, the core is attached to the machine tool rail, the result will seriously cause the machine tool rail thermal deformation.
¡¡¡¡Third, the load interference problem. Linear motor drive control can only be fully closed loop control. Its table load (workpiece weight, cutting force, etc.) changes, for a stable system is outside interference, if the automatic adjustment will cause the system to shake and instability.
¡¡¡¡Therefore, the whole linear feed drive system, in addition to the linear motor has a strong load capacity, but also must have the speed, the location of negative feedback detection, and high-speed information transmission, correction, response capability. And should also minimize the friction between the guide damping, such as the use of rolling rail or magnetic pad suspension rail. In addition to increase the linear motor capacity at the same time, if the appropriate increase in the table weight, to reduce the load disturbance coefficient will have a role.
¡¡¡¡Fourth, the problem of self-weight in vertical feed. When the linear stepper motor is applied to the vertical feed mechanism, it is necessary to solve the problem of self-locking when the linear motor is powered off and the influence of the gravity acceleration on the motor. To this end, in addition to increase the appropriate balance counterweight (or hydraulic support), power to take mechanical self-locking device, but also must be in the servo drive control module to take appropriate measures.
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