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Development Trend of Domestic Linear Motor

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  A linear motor is a power transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy. It can save a lot of intermediate drive mechanism to speed up the system to reflect the speed and improve system accuracy, so it is widely used.
  In recent years, the domestic linear motor development trends can be summarized as three major aspects: First, to high-speed, high-precision development; Second, to the big thrust, large capacity development; Third, to the logistics equipment, mechanical development step forward.
  In the high-speed, high-precision development
  Linear motor in the high-speed, high precision and other aspects of the development of our most important in the modern machine tool industry applications. The traditional machine tool drive device is mainly dependent on the screw drive, screw drive itself comes with a series of unfavorable factors, including: length limit, mechanical backlash, friction, twist, pitch a cycle error, relatively long vibration Decay progressive time, coupling torque with the stepper motor and its axial compression of the screw and so on. All of these factors limit the efficiency and accuracy of its traditional drive device. When the equipment wears, it must be constantly adjusted to ensure the accuracy required by the customer. Linear motor drive technology ensures a high level of performance and higher efficiency and simplicity than conventional motor drives that convert rotary motion into linear motion, with high speed and high accuracy that traditional drives can not achieve.
  Linear motors in the high-speed, high-precision development in addition to the field of machine tools, but also in other areas have also developed, such as some demanding process control system, precision detection system, linear servo drive system and so on.
  In the large thrust, large capacity development
  In recent years, the linear motor in addition to high-speed, high-precision aspects of the rapid development of the big thrust, large capacity development is relatively fast. Its application areas such as: the application of linear motor city rail traffic (subway and light rail).
  Linear motors in the large thrust, large capacity development in addition to subway and light rail applications, the application of maglev traffic is also a compelling part. At present, some countries in the maglev traffic drive technology is still moving forward.
  The development of linear motors in large thrust and large capacity is also reflected in large equipment such as oil field pumping units, where the oil field uses a linear motor driven pumping unit to extract the same amount of fuel in the same time as the conventional pumping unit , Can save 20% to 40%.
  In addition, large thrust, large-capacity linear motor is also large-scale chemical equipment, construction equipment and other large-scale industrial, civilian equipment has been applied, the effect is obvious.
  In the development of logistics equipment
  Modern logistics industry is a distinctive feature of modern advanced drive technology, automation technology, information technology as the representative of the application of high-tech. Developed enterprises of the logistics equipment accounted for the proportion of the total investment is generally more than 20%, making the logistics equipment to continuously improve the development of which driven by the linear motor-driven equipment represents a modern advanced logistics and transmission technology and an application Trend.
  China in the field of logistics transmission, such as the airport line package delivery, postal automation sorting, newspapers and magazines distribution center, factory lines and other systems, has been basically achieved automation. If these equipment with a leading international level of the linear motor as a drive system, you can adapt to the needs of multi-volume flexible arrangements.
  Linear motor in the material transmission and handling of the advantages. Mainly in the simple structure, reliable operation, low cost, high efficiency and intelligence. In the vertical transmission, such as linear motor elevators, lifts; in the plane transmission, such as postal package sorting transmission lines, all kinds of baggage sorting transmission lines, steel production transmission lines, electrical, electronic, mechanical processing production lines, food processing lines, pharmaceutical production lines All kinds of industrial processing lines and a variety of detection lines; there are shopping malls, hospitals and other occasions, material transmission, handling and handling of three-dimensional warehouse, the garage handling scheduling and so on.
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