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U-slot linear motor

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¡¡¡¡Linear motors are also known as linear motors, linear motors, linear motors, putter motors. The most commonly used linear motor types are flat-panel linear motors, U-slot linear motors and cylindrical linear motors. This article with Mao straight motor with you know U-slot linear motor.
¡¡¡¡The U-slotted linear motor has two parallel tracks between the metal plates and opposite the coil mover. , The magnetic track is the magnet (usually high-energy rare earth magnet) fixed on the steel. The rotor (rotor) is supported by the rail system in the middle of the two tracks, and the coils are compressed together with an epoxy material. The motor mover includes coil winding, Hall element circuit board, thermistor (temperature sensor monitoring temperature) and electronic interface. The mover is non-steel, meaning no suction and no interference between the track and the thrust coil. Non-steel coil assembly with a small inertia, allowing very high acceleration. The coil is generally three-phase, brushless commutation.
¡¡¡¡U-slotted linear motors can be used to cool the motor with air cooling to achieve improved performance. There are also water-cooled methods. This design can better reduce the magnetic flux leakage because the magnet face to face installed in the U-shaped guide groove. This design also minimizes the damage caused by the powerful magnetic attraction.
¡¡¡¡U-slot linear motor structure is compact, power loss is small, fast speed is high, high speed, high speed (linear motor through the direct drive load, you can achieve from high to low speed and other different ranges of high-precision position positioning control. (The primary) and the stator (secondary) are not directly in contact, the stator and the mover are rigid parts, so as to ensure the quietness of the linear motor movement and the overall mechanism of the core movement of high rigidity.
¡¡¡¡U-type linear motor stroke can be achieved by splicing the stator to achieve unlimited travel, but also by configuring multiple hosts on the same stator to achieve the same axial multiple independent motion control.
¡¡¡¡In a rotating electric machine, the mover and the stator need to rotate the bearing to support the mover to ensure the relative movement of the air gap. Likewise, a linear motor requires a linear guide to keep the position of the mover in the magnetic field generated by the track. And the rotary servo motor encoder mounted on the axis of the same feedback position, the linear motor drive mechanism can be enhanced by the mechanism and feedback components of the rigidity and accuracy, supplemented by constant temperature control and other measures to achieve ultra-precision motion control. The linear motor needs to feedback the linear position of the feedback device - the linear encoder, which can directly measure the position of the load to increase the load position accuracy
¡¡¡¡U-type linear motor has the following advantages: 1. No cogging effect, so the movement is more smooth, splicing the stator, the stroke can be infinitely extended. 2. Unattractive to install relative aspects, safe and easy to handle. 3. No core, higher acceleration and deceleration, higher mechanical bandwidth.
¡¡¡¡U-slot linear motor disadvantage: 1. Higher cost, U-slot linear motor using twice the amount of magnet, an increase of the cost of linear motor. 2. Motor power is smaller, U-type linear motor compared with the core design, lower RMS power. 3. Higher thermistor, I-shaped structure design to alleviate this problem.

¡¡¡¡The above article from the focus on the linear motor with the Tongmao Electronics (, reproduced, please indicate the source.