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Linear motor applications for naval vessels

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¡¡¡¡The water jet propulsion device is a new type of special power unit, which is different from the common propeller propulsion method. The thrust of the water jet propulsion is obtained by pushing the reaction force of the water jet from the pump and dispensing through the steering rudder and the rudder And change the direction of the jet to achieve the ship's manipulation. In the skating boat, wear wave boat, hydrofoil, hovercraft, etc., high-speed ships have been applied.


¡¡¡¡The use of waterjet propulsion is the international naval vessels equipped with mute, high speed, high mobility on the road to a major technical trend. Large flow of ultra-static linear drive seawater can be used in waterjet propulsion device to promote the development of high-speed ultra-quiet torpedoes, high-speed ultra-quiet anchor mine, quiet submarines can also be used for ultra-static water propulsion Various surface ships, such as water jet minesweepers, sprinkler hunting boats and amphibious landing warships. The development of linear motor-driven hydraulic piston pump is a multi-disciplinary integration of technical problems, involving fluid transmission and control, optimization design and manufacturing, modern control, tribology and other disciplines, comprehensive application of hydraulic technology and linear motor technology, with Strong academic innovation, forward-looking and broad application development prospects.
¡¡¡¡But as a linear motor itself, the domestic independent development of linear motor units are not many, only a few of the few manufacturers can independently develop linear motor platform, drive. In addition, the linear motor speed planning, current loop and servo loop control strategy, is the direct drive plunger pump flow stability of the important factors, which is the current direct drive pump technology research in a technical difficulty. Even so, from the current development trend, the linear drive system as an ideal feed drive has shown a great vitality; linear drive reciprocating pump as a new type of ship with the pump, but also show its unique The advantages for the future development of the ship with a pump pointed out the direction.
¡¡¡¡Kunshan Tongmao is well-known domestic linear motor suppliers, the company's linear motor using advanced technology standards in Europe and America, technology and testing methods, its quality and dynamic performance reached the international advanced level, can completely replace similar foreign products.

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