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Linear motor - driven micro - milling

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¡¡¡¡Micro-cutting has a unique advantage in the diversification of materials and three-dimensional geometries, making it an emerging technology in the field of micron and intermediate scale machinery manufacturing. The high degree of flexibility in milling and the growing use of microfabrication technologies have allowed micro-milling technology to evolve in the field of micro-machining.
¡¡¡¡The application of micro-milling technology in the manufacture of precision 3D mini-parts has led to significant technological changes in the field of microfabrication, which are different from MEMS technology and ultra-precision machining technology, using traditional milling methods for micro- and intermediate-scale small parts Efficient, high-precision fine manufacturing an effective way, with the diversity of processing materials and can achieve the unique advantages of three-dimensional surface processing.

¡¡¡¡We know that the size of parts and processing quality and processing machine performance are closely related. The performance of the machine tool is mainly related to the spindle, the table and the control system. The cutting tool used for the fine cutting is very small. In order to improve the processing efficiency and obtain the higher cutting speed, the taper of the spindle is consistent with the taper of the cutting tool handle. Micro-cutting precision machine table is generally driven by a linear motor, compared with the ordinary drive, such as ball screw, linear motor drive system without friction and electromagnetic coupling generated by the cumulative error, nor due to wear and tear caused by the loss of precision There is a gap, and can provide greater acceleration, linear motor drive system accuracy can reach 1um. Micro-cutting precision machine tool stiffness, vibration is small, and most with a variety of sensors and actuators. However, due to its large size, the control of the surrounding environment more stringent, making the cost of processing small parts higher. Due to the small size of the machined features of tiny mechanical products, researchers are trying to develop tiny machine tools to process tiny parts. Micro-machine positioning accuracy can reach nano-scale, processing accuracy of sub-micron.
¡¡¡¡Small machinery in the defense, aviation, aerospace and civilian have a larger market, such as micro-satellite, aircraft, machine tools, turbo-generator, vehicles, firearms and so on. From the product development point of view, miniaturization is one of its direction, such as cameras, camcorders, projectors, mobile phones and so are getting smaller and smaller, but the function has been improved and improved. Therefore, the research of micro-machining theory and technology has a wide application prospect.