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What kind of linear motor is a good motor?

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A good linear motor must make the thrust as small as possible. In the absence of power, you can use your hand to push the kinescope. A good linear motor should have a smooth feel.
A good linear motor must make its moving mass smaller and better. A small moving quality represents a higher additional load capability. A high moving quality will produce considerable vibration to your machine during high acceleration and deceleration and may also lead to unpredictable resonance.
A good linear motor platform must make its mobile cable as small as possible. If the journey is not long, use &; Quot; Magnetar style & amp; Quot; Configuration & coordination Quot; Fixed optical ruler reader & amp; Quot; , so that the mobile cable is completely removed, this is very important for high-frequency high-acceleration and deceleration applications.
In most cases, a linear motor can not move all the time. It may stop for a period of time waiting for movements such as image correction or other axes. We should know that the size of the linear motor is related to his rated output and has nothing to do with the effective large output., So we must be very careful to determine the occupancy ratio or motion curve, otherwise your linear motor will be too large and take up space to increase the cost, or too small and cause the motor to overheat and burn.
Most of the motion modules only overlap one axis directly on the other, which will lead to a very large difference in the bandwidth of the two axes. In order to make the bandwidth of the two axes similar, the two axes must be moved by the solution mechanism. Quality isolation, so, The motor of each shaft only needs to bear its own moving quality and shared slide. This configuration is called &;; Quot; Solution XY platform & amp; Quot; And ...
The last good linear motor manufacturer must have equipment to test thrust ripple waves that will affect the rapid positioning and low-speed stable operation of the linear motor.