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Voice coil motor and placement machine

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  Voice coil motor is a new type of micro motor control, it is a special form of direct drive motor, because the principle and the speaker is similar to the name. Its working principle is fairly simple: the energizing coil (conductor) produces a force in the magnetic field, the magnitude of which is proportional to the current applied to the coil. The form of the voice coil motor manufactured by this principle may be a straight line or an arc.
  The voice coil motor has the advantages of simple structure, small volume, light weight, high speed, high acceleration, high precision (direct drive), rapid response, precise force control and so on, and has the advantages of long life and high frequency of motion. Therefore, the voice coil motor is widely used in magnetic disk, laser disc positioning and other precision positioning system and many different forms of high acceleration, high frequency excitation occasions.
  On the one hand, from the speed point of view, the chip efficiency directly determines the efficiency of the machine; the other hand, from the precision point of view, RFID chip size is very small (for example, 0.4mm0), the chip is the core unit of RFID packaging equipment, on the one hand, .4mm ×), and the placement machine to achieve the work is to accurately paste the chip to the antenna substrate pad to ensure the reliability of the connection. This has made a very high demand for mechanical structures and control systems.
  Voice coil motor in the entire patch process to complete the main three actions: pick up, rotate, place the action. Which pick up the main action to achieve the voice coil motor head on the flip head chip pick up, voice coil motor linear axis to complete the point-to-point movement, the movement of the distance from the host computer learning and get. Rotation action by the voice coil motor rotation axis to complete a specific angle of rotation of the chip to achieve the bump on the chip and the antenna substrate on the corresponding connection of the solder joints.
  For pick-up action, when the voice coil motor with the head down to the bottom of the bottom, and the flip on the chip is still a certain distance (about 20 microns), the chip from the flip head to the head The transfer is done by vacuum adsorption. The transfer is done by vacuum adsorption.  
  In order to ensure the reliability of the paste, the voice coil motor in the chip after the substrate pad, but also need a certain amount of contact force for a period of time, and not in the process of crushing the chip. This is difficult to achieve by relying solely on the location model. In addition, the distance of each movement of the chip is also uncertain: First, the substrate there is a certain processing error, even if the same batch of the substrate, there is a difference between the different sections of the thickness; Second, the substrate is fixed by the vacuum adsorption device In the adsorption plate, due to the limited nature of the vacuum adsorption hole, it will inevitably make some parts still exist bubbles; Finally, the vacuum adsorption plate surface there is a certain processing error.
  Chip placed action, the process can be divided into high-speed operation, low speed close to the soft landing, high-speed return to four parts. When the chip is placed, the voice coil motor linear axis moves at a high speed for a distance, and switches to low speed mode at a certain height from the substrate pad until a soft landing is achieved. After the voice coil motor returns high, prepare the next action flow.
  With the United States technical standards and production process, the motor structure is simple, small size, strong force characteristics, easy to control, by virtue of our linear motor industry rich in structural design, sample production and production experience, Meet the high-performance, high-quality, low cost, short delivery requirements of the custom voice coil motor. More voice coil motor application problems, welcome to visit with the official