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DC brushless motor brings comfortable home life

time:2017/9/8  click:7432

  Today's home appliances drive motor is divided into AC motor, DC motor two categories: DC motor is divided into DC brush and brushless motor. As the progress of materials science, brushless DC motor R & D and production of a considerable breakthrough in the near future. DC brushless motor with quiet, noise-free, maintenance-free, long life, small size and advantages; especially high efficiency input / output ratio, in energy saving and environmental protection have excellent performance.
  DC brushless motor in the technical level and the requirements of the entry threshold than other motors (such as AC, DC brush) higher, so have a higher value-added; at the same time in the face of energy shortages and environmental requirements under the dual pressure, high efficiency and environmental protection Products naturally become the pursuit of the goal, and the use of DC brushless motor design products easily meet the above requirements.
  Traditional fans are protected by fan blades because they are exposed. When the fence cover is dense, it will reduce the efficiency of the fan, the bar cover is more sparse, it is easy to produce security risks, especially children with a family. Moreover, due to the structure of the traditional fan, but also lead to easy accumulation of dust leaves, cleaning inconvenience. No leaf fan can avoid the above problems.
  No leaf fan will be placed inside the fuselage motor, through the turbine to the air through the 1.5mm slit spray, the use of special structure, the air flow to enlarge. As the motor placed inside the fuselage, no bare leaves, more secure, cleaning is also more convenient.
No leaves

  No fan fan is usually used DC brushless motor, so the fan system, you need to have a brushless motor controller. The controller receives the user's instructions and controls accordingly. Such as steering, wind regulation, timing, mode, etc. Different from the traditional fan, no leaf fan with stepless speed control, wind speed can be adjusted, more comfortable.
  Non-leaf fan, air circulation fan, general home floor fan, table fan, ceiling fan ... ... the pursuit of the main point is the indoor air circulation, with air conditioning to increase efficiency, natural wind, quiet, has jumped away from the idea of straight blowing, Comfortable life. In the past, AC motors to achieve the same function and efficiency need to pay additional control lines and electrical materials, volume upgrade so the cost structure will be a substantial increase. DC brushless motor with efficiency and production advantages, and has a control unit is easy to add intelligent functions to achieve the purpose of comfortable home life.
  Brushless motor has smooth running and no vibration, no noise advantage, more suitable occasions: vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, household fans and other household products.
  Kunshan Tongmao Electronics Co., Ltd. production of direct brushless motor quiet, no noise, maintenance-free, long life, small size, in the smart home application will bring you a comfortable and healthy life.