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Application of Linear Motor in Engraving Machine

time:2017/9/12  click:7629

  Woodworking engraving machine is mainly used for wood processing, crystal, copper, aluminum, and so on. Make it more aesthetic value. Applicable to wood industry, advertising signs, furniture manufacturing, toys, gift manufacturing, decoration industry, PCB production. Motor drive is an important component of the engraving machine, its performance on the computer engraving machine performance has a crucial impact. For fine machining of woodworking engraving machines, we can use precision motors to achieve precision machining. Linear motors are characterized by low noise, high speed, high precision, and special machining for fine finishes.
The use of linear motor wood engraving machine has the following advantages:

  1. Excellent quality equipment configuration, woodworking engraving machine has a high-speed smooth rotation of the motor, in the course of the spindle rotation speed and low noise, which can more convenient carpentry field operators easy carving, because the speed fast Operational efficiency on the faster and faster to complete the difficult work.

  2. Engraving high precision, different carvings need to have a high precision woodworking engraving machine to achieve, so as to be in the overall pattern looks more beautiful and rough. And high precision woodworking engraving machine in the work of a large number of cutting, the use of high-precision linear motor, can improve the use of high-precision performance.

  3. Long life, linear motor air cushion and magnetic pad there is a gap in the middle of the movement, there will be no mechanical contact, there will be no friction and noise, damage to parts less, with high life characteristics, in the As usual, pay attention to good maintenance can make woodworking machine longer life.

  4. Positioning accuracy, woodworking engraving machine not only to achieve rapid work but also in the positioning is very accurate, so as to use the carving process will not be a mistake caused by material waste. In order to improve the accuracy of woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine are installed on the XY axis to the location of the car to the most accurate positioning.
  Tongmao linear motor high performance, high acceleration and deceleration, high life, to the quality of the perfect business, significantly improve the performance of customer machinery, improve the efficiency of the production process, so there will be more and more customers are willing to use our Linear motor. More product applications, please