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Linear platform testing

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¡¡¡¡An open incremental grating system with linear performance on the Tongmao Linear Motor platform provides sub-nanometer resolution, repeatability and stability. Stable optical zero, to ensure two-way repeatability and reliability. The laser interferometer calibration compensation, you can easily obtain the ideal positioning accuracy. Easily achieve your high-precision positioning requirements. Before we leave the factory of our linear motor platform, we must carry on the accurate test to it, the following explains the precision test of the linear motor with Mau.
¡¡¡¡1. Test the straightness of the linear platform: Use a fine flat ruler, first adjust the fine flat ruler and the reference bottom parallel. Both ends of the table value is flat, and then move the entire line of precision linear module inspection. The larger significant difference of the table is the error value. The company is located in:
      2. Measured XY operating point of view: the use of fine square, adjust the square so that one side of the square and X-axis slide parallel to the direction of movement, and then the Y-axis slide and X-axis travel center, the dial indicator hit another square One end, moving the Y-axis slide table, read the larger effective error of the table. The company is located in:
      3. Positioning accuracy: the linear platform to move in one direction. Based on the zero point, measure the distance between practice moves and the interval where the system appears. The larger effective error and the smaller effective error of the measured value are the error values. The company is located in:
     4. Measure the repetitive positioning accuracy of the linear platform: Select a point on the linear module, set it as zero point, stop using the dial indicator, and repeat the positioning 7 times at intervals of not less than 0.1MM in the same direction. Measurement stop bearing interval. Record larger effective difference.

¡¡¡¡To ensure the accuracy and longevity of the linear platform, the following precautions should be taken when using the linear platform:
¡¡¡¡1. Wh1. When using a linear platform, do not exceed the higher effective load of the linear platform to prevent the high-precision performance of the linear platform from being affected and reduce the effective service life of the linear platform.
      2 bearing objects to be installed in the exact position of the linear platform, does not exceed the horizontal surface of the foreign aid.
      3. Commodity maintenance should be regular, regular use of lubricants.
      4. Linear platform is a high-precision product, pay attention to the use of the environment, to prevent the effective use of high temperature, low temperature, dramatic temperature changes, direct sunlight, high humidity, high dust, high sensation, high impact and easy condensation . ¡¡¡¡ The Tongmao  linear motor with a variety of models of linear platform, a single-axis high-precision linear platform, xy axis high-precision linear platform, xyz axis high-precision linear platform, would like to know our straight line platform knowledge, welcome to our official