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The linear motor opens the automatic door

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  At present, linear motors have been widely used in high-precision machine tools. They have also been used in electric doors. Direct motors are used to eliminate all the mechanical intermediate links between the motor and the door. The door feed chain The length is shortened to zero. This type of transmission is called "zero drive". Because of this "zero drive" approach, bringing the original rotary motor drive can not reach the performance indicators and certain advantages.
Adopting the linear motor driven manipulator, the wear and running resistance of the carrying hanger and the carrying rail are greatly reduced during actual operation, so as to realize the noise-free operation, simple structure and less breakdown points, which ensure the durability and safety of the system reliability. In the absence of power supply, the use of manual open only a small amount of force, you can easily open the door for the elderly and children in the absence of power, open the door has brought a very convenient, so it can adapt to the actual needs of a variety of occasions .
  The traction assembly includes a traction wire and a wire wheel assembly, the traction wire being wound on a wire wheel assembly; a control assembly comprising a coil stator, a permanent magnet mover, a traction assembly, And the upper steel wire clip and the lower wire clip are respectively sandwiched between the upper section and the lower section of the traction wire, and the upper and lower wire clamps are respectively connected with the upper and lower wires.

  The automatic door manipulator also includes a rail support beam mounted in the wall, the track support beam being provided with a plurality of different mounting surfaces or mounting structures, and the traction assembly, the control assembly, the door connection assembly The mounting surface or the mounting structure of the track support beam is simple, safe and reliable.
  The use of linear motor drive control components, can automatically control the door opening and closing, the actual operation, the wheel components and running between the track friction is small, running no noise.
  The use of linear motor electric door can easily open the door, for the elderly and children without motivation, open the door leaves has brought very convenient, so it can adapt to the actual needs of a variety of occasions, such as hotels, restaurants, playgrounds and other occasions.
  With the Tongmao-line motor with European and American technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, strong force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive. You are welcome to pay more attention to our linear motor.