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Characteristics of Linear Motor

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¡¡¡¡In the absence of a straight line motor, many linear drive or system to do linear motion, then need to take the traditional motor to carry out. Rotary motors need to be linearly moved by means of intermediate switching devices such as chains, wire ropes, belts, racks or screws. Because these devices or systems have intermediate transfer mechanism, so the machine body is often more complex, larger, speed and accuracy can not further meet people's higher requirements.
¡¡¡¡Linear motor is the second half of the 20th century since the second half of the electrical industry with new principles, new theories of new technology. At present, linear motor technology in a variety of linear drive devices and systems have been more and more widely used, such as high-speed maglev train, maglev ship, a variety of logistics and transmission lines, a variety of automation equipment such as plotters, printers, photocopiers, Especially in recent years, linear motors have a simple structure, no contact, high speed, easy to control and the use of linear motors, especially in recent years, the linear motor has a simple structure, High precision and more advantages to promote its development in the field of application. In foreign countries, the application of linear motors in the machine bed industry has even become a "hot spot", and has been widespread concern.
¡¡¡¡Linear motor products are widely used, linear motor is mainly used in three aspects: one is used in automatic control systems, such applications are more; followed by long-term continuous operation as a driving motor; three applications in the need for a short time, Short distance to provide a huge linear motion in the device.
¡¡¡¡Linear motor demand characteristics are:
¡¡¡¡Automation, linear motors are widely used in automatic control devices
¡¡¡¡Standardization, a lot of household products must also use the linear motor, so a variety of ¡¡¡¡product manufacturers may need a linear motor
¡¡¡¡Precision, computer printers, scanners are in use, many precision products electronics manufacturers will need a linear motor
¡¡¡¡Large demand, the vast majority of linear motor applications are small size, generally in the product to use, so the linear motor demand.
¡¡¡¡The Tongmao-line motor with European and American technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, strong force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive. Want to know more about the linear motor knowledge, welcome to visit with the Tongmao motor line official