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Advances in Linear Motor Drive Technology

time2017/9/23  click8752
  A linear motor is a power transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy. The traditional transmission chain from the motor as the power source to the working parts through the gear, worm gear, belt, screw, coupling, clutch and other intermediate transmission links, in some links have a greater moment of inertia, elastic deformation , Backlash, motion hysteresis, friction, vibration, noise and wear. Although in these areas through continuous improvement to improve the transmission performance, but the problem is difficult to fundamentally solve, in the emergence of the "direct drive" concept,
  Now the linear motor and its drive control system has become technically mature, has the traditional transmission can not match the superior performance. It is no longer a big problem with the improvement of motor manufacturing technology, which is concerned about the small thrust, bulky, high temperature, poor reliability, unsafe, difficult to install and difficult to protect. The development of drive and control technology also provides a guarantee for its performance expansion and security. Select the appropriate linear motor and drive linear motor control system, coupled with a reasonable machine design, can produce high performance, high reliability of the machine.
  1. In recent years, linear motor and its drive control technology progress in the following areas:
  2. Improve performance (such as thrust, speed, acceleration, resolution, etc.).
  3. Volume reduction, temperature rise.
  4. Variety covers a wide range, to meet the requirements of different types of machine tools.
  5. Costs have fallen significantly.
  6. Easy installation and protection.
  7. Good reliability.
  8. Including CNC system, including supporting technology is maturing.
  9. High degree of commercialization.
  With the Tongmao-line motor with European and American technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, strong force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive. With our extensive line of structural design, sample production and mass production experience in the linear motor industry, we offer customized linear motors that meet the requirements of high performance, high quality, low cost and short delivery. Welcome a lot of attention to our linear