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The structure of the voice coil motor

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       Traditional structure

       In the conventional structure of a voice coil motor, there is a cylindrical coil having an air gap formed by a cylindrical center rod and a permanent magnet surrounding the center rod, and a soft iron case covered on the outside of the magnet and the center rod. Coil in the air gap along the cylinder axial movement of the traditional structure of voice coil motor axonometric. Depending on the coil travel, the axial length of the coil can exceed the axial length of the magnet, ie the long voice coil structure. And sometimes according to the trip, the magnet can be longer than the coil, that is, short voice coil structure. The length of the voice coil in the long voice coil structure is greater than the sum of the working air gap length and the large stroke length. The working air gap length in the short voice coil structure is greater than the sum of the voice coil length and the large stroke length. Long voice coil structure makes full use of the magnetic density, but due to the voice coil only part of the coil in the working air gap, so the lack of use of electric power; short voice coil structure is exactly the opposite. The former allows for smaller magnet systems than the latter, so the volume of the voice coil motor can also be small; the latter is bulky but consumes less power, allowing larger voice coil currents. Compared with the short coil configuration, long voice coil configuration can provide better power to power ratio, and heat dissipation. The short voice coil configuration of the electrical time delay is shorter, the quality is smaller, and the armature reaction force is small.

  Concentrated flux structure
  In motion control, sometimes the force required than the traditional mobile voice coil motor can provide greater force, the traditional structure of the voice coil motor can not meet the requirements. To solve this problem, the need to improve the voice coil motor efficiency, this should be reasonable design of its structure, to minimize magnetic leakage. When designing a voice coil motor, it is always desirable that the magnetic field lines of the magnet pass through the air gap as much as possible to improve the air gap flux density, resulting in as much magnetic as possible. The use of concentrated magnetic flux technology, can make the manufacture of electrical air gap magnetic flux is equal to even greater than the remaining amount in the magnet. Based on the technology inside the motor is a closed end of the hollow cylindrical magnet. The inside of the cylinder forms an N pole, and the outside of the cylinder forms an S pole. Close to the outside of the magnet by a also one end of the closed soft iron cylindrical shell cover, the open end of the soft iron shell out of the open end of the magnet. The cylindrical core made of soft iron is tightly fitted inside the magnet and extends from its open end. The annular space between the inner surface of the shell and the outer surface of the cylindrical core forms an air gap, and the cylindrical coil can move axially in the air gap. The motor structure allows the magnet surface to be larger than the air gap surface. This design does not cause leakage, almost all the magnetic field lines emitted from the surface of the magnet through the air gap.


     Magnetic cross-access structure

     If you require an effective output force with the smallest possible diameter, use proprietary interleaved magnetic circuit technology. Compared with the traditional structure and the concentrated magnetic flux structure, the performance characteristics of the same, but the axial dimension longer, but the diameter size decreases, the magnet quality is smaller, but the coil tends to be heavier. The salient advantage of interleaved magnetic circuit voice coil is that the coil leakage inductance is small and the electrical time delay is very short.

  Kunshan Tongmao R & D and production of voice coil motor can be divided into TMEC series cylindrical voice coil motor, TMEP series flat voice coil motor, TMES series rectangular voice coil motor, TMER series voice coil motor. In addition, we also upgraded the voice coil motor, in order to allow customers to more direct and easy to use voice coil motor, I also introduced a variety of models of the voice coil motor module, such as: Ring motor module, double cycle voice coil motor module, double-action voice coil motor module, six-axis micro-vibration control module and so on. Follow-up we will continue to focus on R & D to create more to adapt to the market, suitable for customer needs voice coil motor module, welcomed the majority of friends with a lot of attention with the Tongmao voice coil motor.
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