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The motor should be energy saving

time:2017/9/28  click:6975

  The issue of energy conservation and emission reduction is constantly being taken into account in the international arena, with the aim of preventing environmental pollution from deteriorating, improving climate changes, and setting limits on the limited resources of the Earth. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, energy-saving emission reduction is nothing more than close the power, or take the public transport system, in order to reduce the waste of resources and the realization of resource recycling and other purposes. But apart from these actions that can be achieved, another fundamental question is how to improve energy efficiency. EPRI has pointed out that the amount of electricity consumed by the global motor is as high as $ 95 billion a year, accounting for 51% of all electricity; followed by 19% of lighting, 16% for cooling / heating and IT 14%.
  Whether it is industrial, home or commercial electricity, the motor consumes a high proportion of energy. In China Taiwan's industrial electricity in 2007 was 1,172 billion degrees, for example, about 820 billion kWh of electricity, accounting for 70% of the total electricity consumption. If you improve the motor system output, input power ratio, you can improve the efficiency of electricity.

  The motor has always been a big power consumer in industrial applications, the development of energy efficient, high reliability and high durability of the motor is imperative, the state actively introduced policies and standards are also accelerating the process. Facing the dual pressures from policy constraints and different areas of differentiation, motor control chip manufacturers continue to innovate in control algorithms and intensify the design of new, cost-effective solutions.

  China's motor manufacturers because of the needs of the domestic market, the design of the motor from the appearance of the volume is relatively large. Compared with foreign large-scale motor, the consumption of raw materials and more, the cost of natural high up. Now the international trend of large-scale motor is light and simple, China's large motor in the volume and price do not have a competitive advantage, so China's large motor design capability has yet to be improved. Only by enhancing the international competitiveness of China's domestic motor manufacturing enterprises, China's motor manufacturing industry will become the world's motor suppliers.
  Kunshan Tongmao linear motor structure is simple, small size, no noise pollution maintenance-free, to meet the issue of energy-saving emission reduction in our country, so that environmental protection without environmental pollution. Want to know about our linear motor, please visit our official