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Accelerate the revitalization of precision high-speed ball screw and linear motor without delay

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In high-speed machining, high dynamic characteristics and control precision are required; The instant reaches high speed and stops instantaneously during high speed operation; Low vibration, low noise and smooth operation; High reliability and long life. Precision high-speed ball screw pairs and linear motors are the core functional components that can meet the above requirements in the fast servo feed system of large, precise and high-speed CNC equipment. The development of large, precise and high-speed numerical control equipment and numerical control systems and functional components should be realized in China, so as to change the situation in which large and high-precision numerical control machine tools rely mostly on imports, and meet the needs of industrial development such as machinery and aerospace. To realize the localization and industrialization of the main functional components such as numerical control system, electric spindle, precision high-speed ball screw and linear motor as soon as possible is an urgent task to revitalize China's large-scale, precise and high-speed numerical control equipment.
In China, the development of these two types of functional components used to achieve high-speed driving and precise positioning lags behind the needs of the market, and there is a significant gap with overseas. Taking high-speed ball screw pairs as an example, when overseas has launched the second and third generation of products, China is still in the initial stage of the development of the first generation of high-speed ball screw pairs, and there is no commercialization. As for the linear motor used to equip high-speed and numerical control machine tools, there is not yet a company with strong technical strength and mass production conditions to provide products to the market, and it has not yet stepped out of the "college model" research stage. It should be soberly seen that accelerating the development of high-speed ball screw pairs and linear Motors is an urgent thirst for the localization and industrialization of Chinese CNC equipment, and it is also the need of the times to strengthen China's overall national strength.
Although high-speed ball screw pairs and linear motors are developing in parallel, but, different national conditions, different enterprises have their own length, overseas treatment of the two driving methods of cognition, adoption rate is also different. The Chinese national conditions are: the land is not abundant, the population is large, the labor resources are abundant, and it is necessary to proceed from China's National conditions, take the scientific concept of development and the guiding ideology of new industrialization to plan the development of high-speed ball screw pairs and linear motors in a coordinated manner. Can not be partial waste, want one can not. Even in the future, the technology of the ball screw pair has matured, the output has gone up, and the cost has dropped. From the perspective of energy conservation, consumption reduction, and green manufacturing, the linear motor drive still has its vast market space. However, the ball screw will become the mainstream driving mode in high-speed and CNC equipment, while the linear electric motor will continue to maintain its mainstream position in mid-range high-speed CNC equipment, but if the linear electric motor blindly pursues high targets, In the advantage range of the ball screw pair to "hard fight", I am afraid it is not worth the loss.
Analysis of the reasons for the slow development of Chinese linear Motors, mainly in the long-term neglect of the basic theory and performance of the investment in the experiment, lack of development stamina, in the face of the speed of the problems exposed from the start of the solution. Due to the lack of in-depth research on the friction theory of the rolling helix pair, the friction characteristics of high-speed and micro-motion, the motion mechanism of the rolling body under different conditions, the vibration and noise, the torque characteristics, the dynamic and static stiffness characteristics, and other basic theories, the process of speeding up is constrained. The linear motor has a lot of basic work to do in the full digital control technology heat dissipation, magnetic isolation, electromagnetic interference, zero-position mode, increase thrust, reduce energy consumption, and modularization of components. The research results of Chinese universities and scientific research institutes in this field should be converted into productivity as soon as possible, and advanced scientific and technological achievements and continuous innovation in practice should be used to promote the localization and industrialization of ball screw pairs and linear Motors.
Whether it is the development of precision high-speed ball screw pairs or linear Motors, we must learn from the lessons of the past development of certain electromechanical products to avoid blind riding, low-level repetition, and waste of resources. At the same time, the relevant functional components supporting the precision high-speed ball screw and linear motor should be developed simultaneously, such as high-speed, high-stiffness precision rolling linear guide rails, braking devices, and protective devices.
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