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Introduction of voice coil motor

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¡¡¡¡The voice coil motor is a special linear motor and is a transmission that converts electrical energy directly into linear or circular motion mechanical energy without the need for any intermediate switching mechanism. The voice coil motor has the advantages of small volume, light weight, high acceleration and speed, uniform thrust, fast response, high precision, very simple structure and wide speed range.
¡¡¡¡In 1876, the speaker was born from the hands of Alexander Graham BellThe voice coil motor works like a loudspeaker. (Also VCM named reason). With the people on the linear motor attention and research, voice coil motor is really able to develop applications. 1971 so far, the voice coil motor has been promoted into the independent application stage, made a very practical value of the device and products. Especially in Europe and the United States and Japan has been a great development, creating a high economic value. For example: the United States BEI chnologies INC. Production of linear voice coil motor LA series of products have more than a dozen, its stroke from 0.5mm-50mm, thrust from 0.34N-300N. A variety of occasions, can be applied to a variety of occasions, especially for the narrow space; Japan Global Storage Technologies and IBM each in the seventies and eighties to the voice coil motor to the hard drive drive. Visible VCM has reached a very high level of design, and the scope of application is very extensive.
¡¡¡¡ChVoice coil motor in China also conducted a lot of research, but still in its infancy. The research mainly focuses on the design of motor body, the development of permanent magnet material and the testing of motor torque constant. The design of the VCM motor-related control system just stays in the experimental stage. As rare earth materials are very rich in our country this year, the development of permanent magnet material has made great strides. In particular, "magnetic king" neodymium iron boron has made very good results, making voice coil motor research and development one step closer.
¡¡¡¡Voice coil motor applications are quite extensive, summarize the following aspects. Electronic circuit surface assembly technology and semiconductor packaging field. Voice coil motor with the displacement / force of the common control of the occasion, a good increase in accuracy and efficiency. Vibration control and experiment. Can be used for shock and vibration experiments, is a very important device for conducting fatigue tests and testing the dynamic characteristics of mechanical structures; optical and electronic systems. It is widely used in the field of measurement, microelectronics and optical tracking, scanning, targeting and positioning, lens and other equipment can be precision control of the movement. Such as automatic adjustment of the camera focal length, telescope disc tracking control and mirror pendulum control, etc .; the use of the valve. Mainly the use of voice coil motor linear motion is very accurate characteristics, you can achieve the control of these devices and precise positioning purposes, in order to achieve the corresponding functions, such as the control of gasoline valves, breathing control valves and hydraulic systems need precise control of the valve, Machining, the general machine tool can only be processed in the circular section of the rotary body, and the use of large thrust of the voice coil motor drive tool radial high frequency movement can be difficult to process irregular non-circular cross-section parts to achieve processing.
¡¡¡¡Tongmao Mau's research and production of TMEC series of linear voice coil motor dozens of varieties of species, travel up to 300mm, 5000N thrust, with the Mao also provide up to 50N.M, swing angle of 120 degrees swing voice coil motor. With the use of European and American motor technology Maui technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, stable force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controllers and drives. You are welcome to pay more attention to the voice coil motor TongMao: