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Linear motors and high speed machines

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¡¡¡¡The rapid development of modern science and technology, parts of the manufacturing accuracy and processing efficiency put forward higher and higher requirements, as the machine tool machine in the processing speed and processing accuracy and other performance indicators must have a qualitative leap. However, the conventional machine tool using the "rotating motor + ball screw" feed drive mode is difficult to improve in terms of feed speed, acceleration, and fast positioning accuracy due to its own structural limitations. The traditional transmission chain from the motor as the power source to the working parts through the gear, worm gear, belt, screw, coupling, clutch and other intermediate transmission links, in some links have a greater moment of inertia, elastic deformation , Backlash, motion hysteresis, friction, vibration, noise and wear. Although in these areas through continuous improvement to improve the transmission performance, but the problem is difficult to fundamentally solve, so a new way of feed drive - linear motor direct drive came into being.
¡¡¡¡The linear motor is a kind of transmission device which converts electrical energy directly into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate switching mechanism. It has the advantages of high starting force, fast dynamic response, high positioning precision, high speed and acceleration, small vibration and noise, Unrestricted and so on. In particular, because the linear motor without centrifugal force, so the linear speed can be unrestricted; and its acceleration is very large, to achieve the moment to achieve high-speed start, high-speed operation can instantaneous quasi-stop.
¡¡¡¡With the development of motor and its drive control technology, the emergence of electric spindle, linear motor, torque motor and the increasing maturity of technology make the concept of "direct drive" of spindle, straight line and rotary coordinate motion become reality and increasingly show its huge The superiority. Linear motor and its drive control technology in the machine feed drive on the application of the machine tool drive structure has undergone significant changes, and machine performance has a new leap.
¡¡¡¡In the manufacturing industry to meet the requirements of high-speed machining center feed system is mainly AC linear motor. AC linear motor can be divided into induction and synchronous two categories. Although the synchronous linear motor is more expensive than the induction linear motor, the assembly is difficult, the magnetic field is needed, but the efficiency is high, the structure is simple, the secondary is not cooled, the control is convenient, it is easier to achieve the required high performance, Iron boron permanent magnet materials and the development of permanent magnet synchronous linear motor will gradually develop into the mainstream. So in the high-speed machining center permanent magnet AC synchronous linear motor share will be higher and higher. In the case of
¡¡¡¡The Tongmao permanent magnet synchronous linear motor using European and American technical standards and production processes, the motor structure is simple, small size, stable force characteristics, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive. With our extensive line of structural design, sample production and mass production experience in the linear motor industry, we offer customized linear motors that meet the requirements of high performance, high quality, low cost and short delivery. Welcome you a lot of attention with our straight