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Tongmao introduce you to the development of linear motor

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    A linear motor can be thought of as a deformation of the rotating machine in terms of its structure. It can be seen as a rotating motor cut along its radial direction and then flattened. With the rapid development of automatic control technology and the rapid development of microcomputers, the positioning accuracy of various types of automatic control systems is put forward higher requirements. In this case, the traditional rotating electric machine coupled with a set of linear motion drive Device, has been far from meeting the requirements of modern control systems, for which many countries in the world are studying, developing and applying linear motors, making the application of linear motors more and more widely.
With the rapid development of linear motor, some developed countries in the world more and more attention to the research and development of linear motor, because of its many advantages, the development of fast, has now presented the following direction.
    The new principle of linear motors continue to emerge: such as the Japanese Furukawa Electric developed the superconducting linear motor, the United States Patrutma Electrical and Mechanical Company developed micro-step linear motor, developed by the Japanese company's piezoelectric drive linear motor, Japan's Tokyo new industry The company developed the ultrasonic linear motor, as well as abroad in recent years began to study the use of thin film materials for the stator of the motor, the rotor substrate production of thin film linear motor.
In the structural design to the direction of functional components: linear motor structure design should focus on modular, standardized and serialization to form functional components. In addition to the motor body, should be in the dust, anti-chip, cooling, anti-magnetic and security protection and other aspects of research to form a complete linear motor system, and easy to install and adjust.
    In the technical performance to the direction of high-precision development: linear motor technology performance should improve the dynamic performance and stiffness, reduce the end effect, cogging effect caused by thrust fluctuations, through the magnetic circuit design to achieve thrust and thrust fluctuations, Improve speed and acceleration to meet the requirements of high speed and ultra high speed cutting. Accuracy to improve the positioning accuracy and repeat the positioning accuracy.
    In the control technology to the digital direction: linear motor is actually a linear motion servo unit, the control system is its inseparable part. Linear motor and digital signal processor (DSP) combination, but also to improve the overall performance of linear motor system has undergone a fundamental change. Linear motors are still in development and research, and there is still a lot of work to do in performance testing and quality testing.
    The commercialization of linear motor production: should strengthen the professional, enterprise, research, study between the close cooperation, give full play to individual, collective fighting role, strengthen the linear motor research, development, promotion and application, as soon as possible scientific research, research results For the goods.
With the United States and Europe motor technology standards and production technology, the motor structure is simple, small size, power characteristics of stability, easy to control, compatible with multi-brand motion controller and drive. With our extensive line of structural design, sample production and mass production experience in the linear motor industry, we offer customized linear motors that meet the requirements of high performance, high quality, low cost and short delivery. More linear motor applications, welcome to visit Kunshan with Mao straight motor official website: